Top ten wordpress plugins to make your site rock

February 3rd, 2010 | Articles & Tutorials | Theme Author:

WordPress is a great platform for publishing your precious content but sometimes we need something more to to give our site that little extra touch. Fortunately we can extend our default WordPress site with plugins. There are thousands of plugins out there, some useful and some less useful. I have created a list over ten plugins I find really useful.

  1. W3 Total Cache. If you want to improve the speed on your site dramatically this is the plugin for you. It’s easy to install and your site will become much faster.
  2. WP-ecommerce. Start your own webshop fast and easy. With WP-ecommerce you will be up and runnin’ in no time. I think this is the best free e-commerce plugins available.
  3. NextGen Gallery. WordPress has a default gallery function which is quite nice, but with this plugin you can easily manage your photos and organize them with albums.
  4. CformsII. Manage forms easily with this plugin. It works right out of the box but does also have some powerful functions for advanced forms. You can easily create everything from simple contact forms to large complex forms.
  5. Tweetmeme. Let your users retweet your stuff.
  6. All in one SEO pack. This is a popular plugin that let you optimize your site for search engines in a simple way.
  7. My Page Order. I don’t understand why this is not an default option in WordPress yet. This plugin lets you re-order your pages easily with a neat drag and drop function. Very useful.
  8. Google Analytics for WordPress. Simple but useful. Just paste your analytics code in the textfield.
  9. WP to Twitter. Automatically publish your post to Twitter with this plugin.
  10. Capability Manager. Create new user roles and manage roles easily with this plugin.

I think these plugins are great to enhance and extend the functionality in WordPress. However there are of course a lot of other great plugins as well so if you have any favourites feel free to post a comment.

Capability Manager

  1. Ken says:

    for the photo gallery I’m using Lazyest Gallery plugin. It worth to take a look at :) And by the way is like the name said, for lazy people (like me :P).

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