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July 30th, 2010 | Css Templates | Theme Author:

This is a clean and professional looking template for small portfolios or business sites. Very easy to edit if you have a basic understanding of html and css.



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  1. schaeferaffiliates says:

    How do I download this template? There is no facebook like button.

  2. ARiches says:

    I love the templates, but when I alter the photos in any way, (insert my own photos or alter the originals), they no longer open in IE. Any idea why? All the other browsers open them beautifully!

    • admin says:

      What version of IE? I have not tested it in the latest version.

      • ARiches says:

        I have IE9 right now, but I also bought the Streamline template a year ago and was never able to use it because it did the same thing. The images that come with the template work great in IE but the second I change them in some way, or replace them with my own, they wouldn’t appear. I’ll actually open them with a program and re-save them as a jpg without altering them and they won’t work. ??

  3. ARiches says:

    I decided to make the site live on one of my practice hosting accounts, and it works beautifully in IE! I’m so thrilled! Just a few more tweaks to the template and it will be good to go in its permanent home. I’ll just have to remember that IE doesn’t like my pics unless they’re on a live site.

    This is a fabulous template and has been a pleasure to work with! Thanks!!


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