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Elegant Blogger

February 23rd, 2012 | Css Templates | Theme Author:

  Elegant Blogger (671.6 KiB, 2,258 hits)
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A beautiful blog theme with many features:

  • Blog Style
  • 11 html templates
  • Fullscreen Gallery
  • Filterable Galleries
  • Pretty Photo
  • Fancy Box
  • Many Frontpage options
  • Animated CSS3 Boxes
  • Multi Columns
  • Video with Light dimmer
  • Tabbed Content
  • Galleries
  • Animated CSS 3 Dropdown Menu

  1. riddhi says:

    It is a very good template design i like it very much…………….

  2. Paulina says:

    The tamplete is perfect! But I have a problem with activated it on my blog :-( I get the message that “tamplate is incomplite”. Do you know why and how I can solve this problem? Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      It’s a plain html theme. It must be converted to the system you are using.

      • burus says:

        How can i do convertation? Must i use special utility for that or do it manually?

        • admin says:

          You don’t need any special utility but you must know how to code. Most cms systems use their own templating language. If you use WordPress you can find lots of tutorials on how to create/convert themes

  3. newron says:

    Very Good template

  4. qualquercoisa says:

    It’s pretty neat but I still can’t figure it out how to get the word “undefined” out of the splash of the image . . @Gallery.

    • Dieter says:

      Remove the title tag in the link

      • José Gaspar says:

        Hi, is it possible to explain me in a bit more elaborated way on how to remove that “undefined” word at the splash of the image.
        I have completely changed everything on this theme to my (almost complete) site. But this thing is still left to remove because I can’t seem to understand how to do it . .

        Please, some response will be greatly appreciated !!

  5. 20tarin.com says:

    very beautifull. thanks

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