The ProFoto theme is a clean and minimalistic html theme with 11 custom css templates. It features lots of cool jquery stuff and some neat CSS3. This is a great theme for professional photographers and other creative businesses.

  • 11 html templates
  • Frontpage Slider
  • Fullscreen Gallery
  • Filterable Galleries (great for portfolios)
  • Pretty Photo
  • Fancy Box
  • Many Frontpage options
  • Animated CSS3 Boxes
  • Multi Columns
  • Video with Light dimmer
  • Tabbed Content
  • Galleries
  • Animated CSS 3 Dropdown Menu


  1. buzzmeister

    great template but not sure i’m doing it right to add images to index.html

    have created 3 test images at the required dimensions (1920x400px) and placed in the /img/large/ folder but they are not being displayed either within Dreamweaver or when previewing in webbrowser.. any help would be much appreciated.


    • That is correct, but make sure the file names are correct. If you don’t change the path to the file in index.html you can name them 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3 jpg and so on.

      (If images don’t show check if paths are correct, this is the most common problem with images not displaying)

  2. buzzmeister

    that’s what I thought, but I hven’t made changes to code, other than the site title, so it’s all as the original at the moment and I’ve not changed the folder structure but still no luck???


  3. ViniciusRamos

    when a change // preloads all the large images

    var _self = this,
    loaded = 0;


    // preloads all the large images

    var _self = this,
    loaded = 1;

    its run! :D

  4. Have trouble with images. There were non in the img folder and pre load is not working correctly. I could be wrong but I do know that their were no images in the folder.

  5. BenaCZ

    Can you help me with changes in “supersized.css” (full screen gallery) pls? My idea is fitting the image between header and the bottom bar with number of images. Is it possible?
    thk you.

    PS: sorry for my poor english

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