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February 20th, 2012 | Css Templates | Theme Author:

The ProFoto theme is a clean and minimalistic html theme with 11 custom css templates. It features lots of cool jquery stuff and some neat CSS3. This is a great theme for professional photographers and other creative businesses.

  • 11 html templates
  • Frontpage Slider
  • Fullscreen Gallery
  • Filterable Galleries (great for portfolios)
  • Pretty Photo
  • Fancy Box
  • Many Frontpage options
  • Animated CSS3 Boxes
  • Multi Columns
  • Video with Light dimmer
  • Tabbed Content
  • Galleries
  • Animated CSS 3 Dropdown Menu

  1. buzzmeister says:

    great template but not sure i’m doing it right to add images to index.html

    have created 3 test images at the required dimensions (1920x400px) and placed in the /img/large/ folder but they are not being displayed either within Dreamweaver or when previewing in webbrowser.. any help would be much appreciated.


    • admin says:

      That is correct, but make sure the file names are correct. If you don’t change the path to the file in index.html you can name them 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3 jpg and so on.

      (If images don’t show check if paths are correct, this is the most common problem with images not displaying)

  2. buzzmeister says:

    that’s what I thought, but I hven’t made changes to code, other than the site title, so it’s all as the original at the moment and I’ve not changed the folder structure but still no luck???


    • admin says:

      Do you have this on the web so I can take a look?

      • buzzmeister says:

        hiya.. sorry for the wait for reply… been away from computer for a while.. I actually worked it out…. turns out I needed to have all photos in the folder, not just a few test ones…

  3. David says:


  4. Giuseppe says:

    i have the same problem with the images, how i can risolve it?

  5. ViniciusRamos says:

    when a change // preloads all the large images

    var _self = this,
    loaded = 0;


    // preloads all the large images

    var _self = this,
    loaded = 1;

    its run! :D

  6. Choppa says:

    Have trouble with images. There were non in the img folder and pre load is not working correctly. I could be wrong but I do know that their were no images in the folder.

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