How to Get Top SEO Rankings in Google Quick

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Google is the king of search engines. Without traffic from this mammoth hits generator, you are going to have a tough time building a successful website.

It is actually quite easy to get ranked in Google. The real key to success, however, is in getting #1 SEO rankings or at least appearing on the first page of search results. By learning keyword selection and proper page design, you have unlimited potential to achieve top rankings in Google for an unlimited number of keywords.

Important Keywords

The first key to success is keyword selection. Popular keywords such as “flowers” have close to one million daily searches on Google. However, the problem is that competition for these kinds of profitable keywords is so stiff that you often cannot even get in the first ten pages, much less a #1 ranking. However, there are hundreds of other keywords related to flowers that you can target for free traffic from Google and other search engines. Examples include “silk flowers,” “list of flowers” and “flower names.” To target these more specific keywords, you can write informative articles. Pack these articles full of as much relevant information as possible for best results.

keyword suggestion tool

You can find hundreds of keywords on any topic for free with Google’s AdWords keyword suggestion tool. Just run a search on Google to find it. To use this tool, enter a main keyword in the “Word or phrase” box at the top. After clicking the “Search” button, the tool will produce up to 100 related keywords for the main one you entered. To go even deeper, take one of the keywords from the list and enter it as the main keyword. Keep repeating this process until you have thousands of keywords.

Write good articles

Once you have compiled these keywords, then you need to write an informative article around each one. In most cases, you can just do your research online at Google or websites like Wikipedia.

After completing your articles, the next step is to build a website around them. In the past, organizing a website optimized for Google was very difficult. Thankfully, there are now several kinds of software programs that can do that job for you. WordPress is an example. In addition to automatically making your pages for you, WordPress also uses a tag and category system to help the search engines find and index all of your pages.

After publishing a few dozen articles, Google will almost instantly find your new WordPress articles and index them. You can sometimes see your pages appear on the first page in Google within 5 minutes. This is not always the case, but the time generally gets faster after you submit a few dozen articles and wait a week or two for Google’s spiders to start regularly visiting your website for new content.

Long-tail Keywords

You will not always get top rankings for every desirable keyword. Other SEO marketers talk about backlinks, but you actually do not need any backlinks to get top rankings for many specific keywords, which are commonly called “long-tail keywords.” It just depends on the particular words and the competition level for that topic. However, for a premium keyword like “flowers,” then you would probably need a large amount of backlinks.

Another thing that you will notice when using WordPress to write new articles is that you will receive an initial surge in traffic for many keywords. This is because Google ranks new content highly before other content comes along to take its place. In some cases, you will retain that top ranking. In other cases, you will lose it.

Generally speaking, you just need to write more articles on the same topic to start maintaining those initial top rankings. In the flowers example, a website with 1,000 articles on different kinds of flowers is generally going to more effectively maintain top Google rankings than a website with only 10 articles. As you increase the amount of content, Google is more likely to upgrade the reputation level of your WordPress site, which results in long-term top rankings.

Trending Topics and Breaking News

The other way to get top rankings in Google within one hour is to write on trending topics. Examples would be breaking news items, but you have to write these as quickly as possible because thousands of websites use this same process to get fast rankings and traffic from Google and other search engines. The best way to find this breaking news is to follow the Twitter and Facebook accounts of news organizations.

Keep in mind that you generally cannot get top Google rankings within one hour for the first few weeks after starting your website. This is because you need to give time for Google to start indexing your initial pages. After that, getting indexed and ranked is almost a hands-free exercise. Just make sure you always use categories and keyword-rich tags in WordPress when publishing new articles. For example, if you are writing an article on bluebonnets, tags would include “bluebonnets,” “flowers,” and similar keywords. The category and tag sections are on the same page as the text editor in your WordPress administrative account.

Content is King

In short, you can get top SEO rankings in Google by choosing the right set of keywords and using WordPress to create informative articles on the topics represented by those keywords. It takes several weeks and a few dozen articles for Google to start crawling your site. However, if you continue to write more articles, you can eventually get top rankings in a matter of minutes for a limitless number of keywords.

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