Css Template: Base 2013

Base 2013 is a minimalistic and clean html5/css3 theme packed with great features. All pages are valid html5 and the code is very well organized which makes it easy to customize. This theme is based on Zurb’s Foundation Framework and you can of course use all the css classes from their documentation. A very cool CSS3 product slider from Codrops is also included. Have in mind that this theme will work great on all new browsers and devices like smart phones and tablets but older browsers are not supported.

Base 2013 is a great starting point for any kind of website. Here are some of the key features:

  • Responsive Design
  • 100% Valid html5
  • CSS3
  • 11 Custom Templates
  • Fancy Product Slider
  • Masonry Galleries
  • Easy pricing tables
  • Contact Form
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Map


  1. Asaph

    Hi Dieter,
    You themes are awesome, well laid out, well documented.

    Can you configure for Drupal? We have Zurb Foundation configured for Drupal, your themes would fit in very well!


  2. Hemant

    Thank you for this nice template. I am planning to use it for a peoject. Is there a plan to migrate it to Foundation 5? F5 has some nice components that can come very handy for fleshing out the site.

  3. Richard Thorpe

    Great template, I’m trying to drop a NivoSlider on the page but with no success , is there a known issue?

  4. bill

    Trying to use Base13 with Rails 4 and Foundation 5. My question is where do I add the style,css and ligature.css files and the ligature images (.eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff)?

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