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The UK Social Network is the easiest way to stay in touch with old friends, friends who don’t live close to you or even just roommates. Membership gives us the chance to stay connected with one another wherever we happen to go. Our online resource gives us all an opportunity to feel more comfortable, become vocal, and practice interactions with other people in a way that creates a safety net for us all.

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assign293366: @academics369 Armed with these distinctions, I believe that even in the 1930s the German economist and the Hindu psychologist might have agreed on who would be a b... #lifestyle
rounds353255: Hey dude! I'm from Perthshire. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #perthshire
porcelain437: @southampton4 Onсе уоu аrе ѕесurе еnоugh іn уоur knоwlеdgе оf your lоvе, dесіdе whаt уоu wаnt tо dо.
staff4890266: @ban313920599 They give that they may live, for to withhold is to perish. #financial
synthetic731: @location9536 A pet can be a huge help, but not if its attacking people around it or making life harder for someone who really needs a properly-trained service dog... #girl
tarnagulla30: @bros81524483 Can the memory be cherished by a few things as well as many? #yoga
rosa36440392: @rolled717313 The theological religion of to-day differs radically in practice and belief from what it was fifty years ago.
references90: It occupies the 78 acres of land where Met Stadium, former home of the Vikings & Twins, once stood #quickquiz
adjustments8: @seconds13656 It is the very opposite of the attitude of acceptance. #meditation
bonalumi2864: @hewlett18887 If we want to make radical progress in the field of health care, we have to start looking for the whole truth, instead of half-truths that fortify ou...
system478618: Notice how often you formulate opinions about total strangers, but don't judge yourself for doing so.
never1928299: Weigh the evidence of this symbol (scales) & you'll know it signifies this profession #quickquiz
somebody1111: @reviewed5139 Slowly inhale through your nose to the count of four. #mindfulness
preparing837: @eagle9414791 Heart, how often should I talk to you?
jack33463907: @citizen54473 A lot of her advice was not unlike the strategies I'd already used during my make-ahead meals challenge at the farmer's market.
beautiful547: @stolen538386 Staying hydrated is vital to our bodies' overall well-being and is essential to protecting the efficiency of our brains.
norfolk55004: @seaforth6973 What incompletions do you need to tackle? #facebook
words6153193: @osmer1549438 There аrе ѕеvеrаl mеthоdѕ to effectively сhаіn оr lеаd уоu іntо a ѕtаtе.
nba738736774: @waiver310422 When I visited her on the Wind River Reservation a few weeks after we first met, she drove me to the grave site of Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who ... #healingjourney
folk36953939: @dispatch8183 And they have legally adopted a son from China so their family life has involved bringing a culture different from the one they were raised in into th... #wellpreneur
montgomery86: @montgomery86 It's important to understand that you're never doing nothing. #twitter
ps3805167716: Hiya! How’s everything?
fitz36700625: @fiber1161164 He realized she'd been doing it for years.
clerk2551081: @occurred3190 If you enjoy roleplaying as a dragon, I'm sure there's some people in a basement somewhere who are desperate to join you. #nourishyourself
interpretati: @theorem37715 It іѕ реrѕuаѕіоn thаt mаkеѕ thе world gо round.
simple172292: And that’s okay.
lasting40588: @walyormourin But its not just that youve left the therapy room behind; youre also experiencing the benefits of being outside.
tiles3070721: @cross7696763 It is not a passive, apathetic tolerance but an active tolerance of understanding.
briefly19357: Hey girl! What's going on in Lybster? #lybster
recorded2547: Hey buddy! What's up in County Londonderry? #countylondonderry
beckes909758: @worlds206883 In this case, the love is definitely bigger.
mumbai241380: @tex335322922 Foods that nourish and energize you. #diva
mayor9739623: Aloha. How are you doing?
atomic858724: Time Magazine named him the Person of the Century #quickquiz
pichunter216: Ahoy! Good to see you!
surround1619: This element is always in a carbide #quickquiz
crawford9763: @vale26215652 Imagine two people rowing a boat.
spears229598: Ahoy soc.ial mates! How's tricks in Market Weighton today? #marketweighton
monroe771751: @pixel2278459 It turned оut I wаѕ hіѕ buѕіnеѕѕ. #bhfyp
floyd8708991: G’day mate! Nice to see you all.
pockets42020: And this is the secret of meditation, that wherever you are, in the head or in the heart, it doesn’t matter; meditation brings you from the head or...
needed223588: @priority8145 Extrоvеrѕіоn muѕt be mаіntаіnеd аnd not bе unhealthy.
pokemon27052: Hey buddy! I'm from Market Weighton. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #marketweighton
sanborn38693: @lay838943685 When most people think of marines, they imagine someone brawny and muscular. #popular
enhancement2: @works6720231 Before you know it, you have a whole list of mum achievements and ace times you've spent together – quite the handy bucket list if you're stuck for... #holisticliving
fur761605803: @dense6136587 He thought for a moment. #moan
damaged59850: @tanbar590300 I needed constant reassurance when I was on duty, but I also needed constant distraction from my anxious thoughts when I wasnt working. #mentalhealth
rockingham59: @dryer5622340 We have to start by accepting where we are and what we're feeling because that's the only way we can be accountable to ourselves.
shanghai2837: @ownership132 To respond to an insult or slight is to diminish your dignity as desired by the insulter. #connect
arabia782872: Hey bro! Well, look at you.
jamaica76520: Hi. Anyone from Cornwall on #cornwall
ind431999014: I fееl mу jоу аnd роwеr.
republican39: Ahoy! Good to see you all.
talked764422: @incest949359 When the road to richness came to an end they did not remain stuck there; they moved in a new direction. #raiseyourvibration
rapid4441494: @obtained5612 So, in order to start where we are, we have to know where we are. #mindboggling
ala342884659: @volkswagen80 On the other hand, we also know all too little about how, within their own minds, individuals mold and reconstruct inner worlds and conditions which ... #healthyhappylife
product62506: @bankruptcy51 You process many of these questions unconsciously. #nourishyourself
attached5742: @compressed51 The goose is too big; you cannot take it out unless you break the bottle, but that is not allowed.
constraints6: @williamson39 Studying has never been your jam and it seems impossible to review months of material in the little time you have left. #open
bound9752131: @bytes4698552 Do not exceed 5,000 mg/day unless directed to do so by your physician. #balance
bbs545805243: G’day mate! Good to see you!
blah66780776: @FALSE4235590 What happens after taking these medications? #diva
decide917882: Labor leader A. Philip Randolph organized the brotherhood of these porters in 1925 #quickquiz
ceo610313904: @remind928479 The gift of becoming more response-able is that you get to have more of a say in the matters of your life. #healthandwellness
turns3327513: Moreover, throughout therapy I help Sally view her experience through the cognitive model.
philip380035: @island354610 Indeed, when a suggestion is given with lack of sympathy or with contempt the tendency is to make the invalid turn painfully away from the speaker an...
finger899960: @dangar535749 Difficult as it is, the habit of saving is the primary step towards financial freedom.
coating63820: This Southern city's Herald prints a separate newspaper in Spanish #quickquiz
tablet427290: Sup? Long time no see.
tiffany62106: Ingrid Bergman's husband in Casablanca, he played a pirate captain in Pirates Of Tripoli #quickquiz
sentences965: @metals432258 Losing continuity results in duplicating efforts and actually wasting, not saving, time. #balance
hearing23224: @nabawa795047 Like any artist, Nightingale was able to transcend reality in order to create legend. #selfcare
mesa92873561: @defined21781 Can you remember one time specifically?
strips351929: @ware80163596 If you would not accept the negative comments from yourself, release them and let them go.
fairy9595404: Hey! Good to see you all.
francoise651: @wilmington75 He replied without a moment's hesitation, I want to be ordained and get married.8 #spirit
northern7567: @influences48 All of us have to overcome these negative thoughts as almost no one has had a perfect life where we weren't criticized in our childhood. #healingjourney
view60958949: @landscape913 Fires are lit from the inside, and they are the life of the party.
stripes27676: @mazda5388265 I guess we should try to get to those things, too.
models543208: Hey bro! What's happening in Cleveland on this fine day? #cleveland
harold421479: @instrumentat Thoughts do not move objects, nor can they hurt people.
retain966281: Now then. How’s everything in lovely Cleveland today? #cleveland
week80664660: @venture98596 The simplest definition of a pattern is that if one state tends to follow another state with a probability greater than chance, then a pattern is pre...
coming112980: @crawford2258 I don't want you to think that. #selfcare
tracks718451: @letter893465 Joe would meet with his supervisor to go over the details of the case, the dilemma, and the information that he gathered.
cisco3899940: @postposted24 Could our mind and bodies really be any different?
choice781154: When your ears pop, it's actually this tube opening, allowing air to escape from or to the middle ear #quickquiz
daniel863152: @commander596 Moreover, her mother-in-law was living with Sarah and her son to help support Sarah during this difficult final year of training. #wellbeing
eleven887224: @boating78200 Some parents like to wait until Baba is having a nap, and others take their meditation on a walk, mindfully listening and breathing as they go. #meetup
pointer43147: @quiz68770421 How are you feeling today? #meditation
beaver515664: Hey buddy! If you’re well, then that’s good, and I’m well too.
tries5105970: @san386204033 When I was about 17 years old, I was at a school assembly. #financial
springer8963: Whazzup? Good to see you!
displays7613: @pan594429350 Provide an atmosphere that allows growth and development through training, promotions and other lateral moves that will prove your organization's com...
webmaster470: Aloha. What's happening in Kent on this fine day? #kent
findings5710: @flyer6152225 If we exercise the right balance in the right framework they represent worthwhile objectives.
mtv301894028: @stopped99492 Some high functioning people have actually achieved a lot by deliberately amping up their sense of alarm to signs of imperfections, faults, or strugg...
combination9: @dvd746748186 You can use your imagination to picture a beautiful and happy scene or to work through negative emotions such as anger through the use of mental image... #raiseyourvibrations
involving996: Not to tell tales, but Swift wrote some pieces for this journal created by Richard Steele in 1709 #quickquiz
attempts6933: @agency606881 Julie’s experience reaffirms the importance of paying attention to your intuition and acting on it, especially when it feels so strong.How to Know ...

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