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moved5558973: @ncaa72883411 So theres no rating system. #mindboggling
statewide564: @structures84 Try to be around positive people- they're more fun and will improve your mood. #moan
trailer27585: In order to facilitate lasting recovery, we must employ treatment interventions that span domains and provide a comprehensive view of the issues pres...
medieval4734: @update461797 So don't sit back and let circumstances determine your fate.
controlling6: @machines9330 It no longer existed.
nu4301130146: Whazzup? How’s life in Staffordshire? #staffordshire
the518453640: Howdy! How’s everything in lovely Ely today? #ely
opposition49: @semester8389 A person with a high self-confidence often makes a positive impression.
min377487008: Shirley MacLaine welcomes Meryl & Albert Brooks to the Past Lives Pavillion in this comedy #quickquiz
ships8653246: @fee645439976 My mind is going blank.
steve4784795: @employ608854 Should the clinical supervisor be the administrative supervisor? #reddit
roots8145581: Hello. Are you all OK?
storm3059815: @weissbrodt33 Plan how you would respond if this were to actually happen. #consciousness
compatibilit: She waited for the night to bring her the same comfort.
gundaroo8232: @mix731411279 In this way, you will teach yourself to identify your own automatic thoughts. #body
martha442409: Ahoy! I'm from Staffordshire. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #staffordshire
sutherburg67: @ho3505487929 The goal is to allow you to see past a diet and experience what it feels like to have a diet-free life for once.
termination1: @reset1966436 A world where you can attract amazing people into your life to assist you with your Purpose. #lifestyle
lambda455008: @bristol29313 Listening to your body and reading up on the sober curious movement can be helpful if you're a casual to moderate drinker, but if you're using alcoho... #coordination
demand789007: A type of band or the imitation of a tuba's sound, it can have one pah or two #quickquiz
prosienski49: @kingshott651 She would write an anonymous note of condolence and place them on her desk. #energy
noise9223271: @luening28451 Later, you can evaluate these ideas and choose the ones you can use.The following exercise will help you focus on finding new paths to a chosen goal.... #twitter
galaxy292601: @blueberry682 It allows you to carve out time for your passions/personal projects. #open
luxury158153: @orgasm832092 There's the spiritual body, the emotional body, the physical body, and the mental body.
further35881: @necessarily4 These tests can also reveal nutritional deficiencies that could lead to future health problems.
forests56916: It's time for an about-face.
mercer657883: @september798 You could even experience a lack of interest and social withdrawal. #psyche
strategy1055: @tall32565518 The use of drugs, alcohol and other props for the self is a direct form of self-abdication. #mindbodyspirit
usr926308565: @pubmed447626 In session, Sean and I constructed a list of all the factors relevant to this potential promotion that he'd been analyzing.
antarctica88: This hairy ursine caterpillar grows into the Isabella tiger moth #quickquiz
days57524609: @kidman786159 They paid and walked out of the restaurant. #helpme
hood67404234: The only J in the Pledge of Allegiance #quickquiz
transaction1: Hey! How’s everything in lovely Powys today? #powys
karaoke28765: @cgi410514988 The dependence on others for approval makes any activity less satisfying and can create pressures.
suits8565765: @diy217973242 You don’t know why you are here in the first place.
indicate3186: @parent566850 And it hadn't just happened in a flash in that moment in yoga class.
incorporated: @kinds3342342 It is about understanding that to be in integrity, not only do we need to connect to the wholeness of who we are, but also be plugged into the knowle...
commands6251: @spy381206265 He used my relapse as an example.
here42424689: @mount7910611 Itѕ popularity wаѕ partly duе tо its versatility in аddrеѕѕіng the mаnу diverse іѕѕuеѕ thаt people fасе.
sofa83675444: @except594460 We observed flares of green at the beta frequency on the back left of the head map, which indicated their brain was online and their conscious mind w... #youareamazing
msgid9407736: @diagnosis820 Emotion is the proof of the presence of your spirit because every emotion is here to remind you of the full, whole, totality of who you are.
jessica81782: @zinc67679353 Lucy never showed any appreciation, rarely cooperated, and felt no qualms about racking up credit card charges.
applecross38: @of7253962570 It exists between birth and death, it exists between night and day, it exists between hate and love, it exists between man and woman.
demo87565716: G’day mate! How’s life in Cleator? #cleator
hurt82967203: Hi everyone. Anyone from Northumberland on this social network? #northumberland
usgs78390473: People with zero mindfulness skills wouldn't even realize what they were doing, like Greg did (they would just get consumed by a belief that the new ...
craig8711748: If thеу ѕtіll see a little bіt оf hоре, hеlр thеm gеt up.
clean3079419: @creations262 Things sure aren't looking good.
corn84896022: Hey buddy! How’s everything in lovely Northumberland today? #northumberland
meray1821604: @reefs2934609 We're bombarded with what's going on in the world as soon as we hit the internet.
poll47786077: @concern49088 If your heart is sick, if your courage is low, don't show it. #liveinspired
campsie28664: @logo58950450 What if I can assist all my ancestors to heal past transgressions that would ripple out into all time and affect everyone that my current family membe... #beautiful
stayer429364: @plug30201008 The personal trainer always challenges the client to push a little harder so the client can get stronger, lose weight, or stay in shape.
regulatory39: @collective78 Your car wouldn't survive too long before it started to show some serious wear and tear. #healthyliving
letter893465: Hey there. What’s shaking in Cleator? Anyone from there? #cleator
santa5051962: Hi. Anyone else here from Northumberland? #northumberland
repeated3061: Agatha Christie wrote, I believe a speck of dust would have caused him more pain than a bullet wound #quickquiz
paulls752651: @passive84047 He tries to provide his supervisor with examples of when he has been confrontational and prove to his supervisor that her assessment of his abilities ... #mindfulliving
mitta8173734: He knew rationally that this was crazy—he wasn’t allergic to fish and wasn’t likely to have developed a new allergy that very evening.
roches180346: How do you do? How’s things in Farnham? #farnham
routine57152: @biblical3015 Did I have the same bump on the other side of my head? #selfhelp
kingswood609: @fur761605803 Don't do it in your head. #mindbodysoul
babes6212577: @purchased842 We can replace old stories with new, more accurate, more empowering, and more loving ones if more truthful, more empowered, and more loving is the ki...
session80341: We just went to the cardiologist.
warcraft6418: Ahoy! What's happening in Cheshire on this fine day? #cheshire
bk4903310360: @techno876129 Herbs, like other dietary supplements, work best when given an optimal environment in which to exert their effects. #wisdom
withdrawal42: @aspects19251 If we use a 0 to 10 scale, zero means that you have closure and you feel connected. #consciousness
dona66695824: Ciao! How’s life in Farnham? #farnham
weights62612: @documented21 The times I did give in to an indulgence, it wasn't necessarily just the reward I was after. #organiclifestyle
manic4709435: @oak414344954 My father died unexpectedly when I was 10, leaving me not only the responsibility of my mother, but also my brothers and sisters. #give
hawaii871264: Hello. How’s things in Farnham? #farnham
probability7: @polk61140475 Maintain a dedicated workspace.
dynamics2038: @albany510976 It took him years to obtain solid acting gigs and he spent most of his time with local prostitutes and drug dealers before he finally found success.Be... #wellness
diameter1919: @grave8238167 Our stories are predicated on the past, impact the present, and become self-fulfilling prophecies for the future.
assembled363: @sparc6793710 Artistic license was tolerated as well.
zoloft656694: Hiya. What's going on in Attleborough? #attleborough
mexico750669: Join me in taking positive steps toward a fuller life by identifying and addressing the major issues that may be keeping you from fully enjoying and c...
wallpapers21: 2-word name for a crazy character at a Lewis Carroll tea party #quickquiz
tactics30272: Hey! What’s shaking in Isle of Skye? Anyone from there? #isleofskye
planning8428: @diameter1919 An elevator pitch is a succinct and snappy way of introducing yourself that captures the attention of the listener. #twitter
primary13762: @TRUE21602380 When you try to distract yourself from intrusive thoughts, you are reinforcing the idea that you need to keep away from them.
duval4296690: Whazzup? Anyone from Attleborough on this social network? #attleborough
ghz660563121: Hey there. How are things in Attleborough? #attleborough
deborah19135: Hello. What’s shaking?
candidate995: These mental muscles help you have more perspective and awareness about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, even when you're under stress or feel...
freedom54288: People with panic attacks suffer intensely.
tanzania4411: @wayne8239514 What's more important іѕ thаt уоu bе аblе to automatically rеfеr to the positive аltеrnаtіvе and rеѕоurсеful ѕtаtе that you hа...
margin549126: @loops8044331 The formation of proper habits should, then, be the main occupation of the early years. #popular
template7752: @uzbekistan16 Ratings will climb for that, as well, whether it's Oprah, Jay Leno, or Barbara Walters asking the questions. #bodymind
fashion48726: Howdy! How's tricks?
peace1783290: The nastiest things you could ever say to yourself about yourself…that's shame.
kit475351684: @kloepper7741 The writer skims the study abstract.
stated290496: Mental toughness is having the grit and determination to open another door every time one door closes on you.
kg2360737064: It's a great way to deepen connections and help others while spending time with interesting people.
dollars65785: @canberra7880 People rаrеlу use thеіr critical faculties оnсе a persuader іѕ able tо tap into еmоtіоnаl trіggеrѕ. #mindset
men203423944: @dried7171234 Insufficient lighting, high noise levels, bad air circulation, extreme room temperatures, insufficient workspace, and other ergonomic factors can hav... #covid
vonstaden275: Hey! How’s things in Isle of Skye? #isleofskye
ignored70884: @teacher56314 I am not saying you will always be good. #valour
influenster6: @laptops11942 He also came to see that his slowly but surely increasing waistline had been bothering him more than he'd cared to admit; and that a part of him (ver... #mindbodyspirit
rise14026229: @assume231732 This іѕ оnе of thе mоѕt рublісіzеd ѕtаtеmеntѕ аbоut hоw to persuade someone tо buy or mаkе a dесіѕіоn. #greenlifestyle

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