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next43640968: @guru82264437 You said out loud what I have often thought or felt. #bepractical
mysql9689301: Hiya. What's going on in Devon? #devon
july67719842: @repository48 Wear your workout shoes on the plane.
engaging1058: @heavily56681 It s in my physiology. #innerpeace
italia399833: @operation765 Organizing This is a definite skill and activity area.
brighton4446: A shoulder-held weapon for firing armor-piercing rockets #quickquiz
shoppers9656: @oakey5628863 You spend a lot of intimate time with water every day in the bathroom.
point2751961: The key to your happiness does not lie outside of yourself, therefore, but within.
framing12646: @rainbow93842 Heart, how can I trust myself to make the right choice? #spirit
concentratio: @meetup884822 Now you are creating a contradiction. #inspirationdaily
physicist107: @bod526941587 Think it over, make a better plan for next time, give yourself a hug and move on. #spirituality
finished4371: Found off Newfoundland, it's a major source of food fish #quickquiz
headphones61: @krazy8910269 Yоu hаvе tо kеер in mind thаt реорlе rеасt nеgаtіvеlу tо negative thоughtѕ, ѕо think, fееl and act роѕіtіvе.
course371240: The same applies to identify your fullness.
medieval4734: @itsa10034781 Mind maps can be less effective when necessary to learn, memorize topics that present concepts in a well-defined sequence, as in mathematical formula... #yoga
shared440883: @docklands550 On the iPhone, Siri will let you dictate a quick mental note. #mindfulness
baltimore999: Hi there. How’s everything?
mighty719720: @trustee31855 If you want any relationship to deepen and continue, one of the greatest gifts you can give is to be there for them emotionally.
origins31439: @winter457122 If you are chronically stressed about your job, angry about the government, and struggling in your relationships, heaping servings of coconut oil or ...
bulgaria8771: @fox786829667 It's not about gritting your teeth and proclaiming, I'm going to be happy, healthy, and free from this moment on!
luxembourg17: @compiled8814 The fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combi... #diva
determine220: @substitute62 Narrative focus reduces attention to temporally present incoming sensory objects.
noble6317517: @communities4 So it looks like you're eating ice cream.
essential456: Aѕ a matter оf fасt, fеаr оf рublіс ѕреаkіng hаѕ bееn rаnkеd, іn rеѕеаrсhеѕ, as thе numbеr 1 fеаr fоr mоѕt рео...
mirani862508: I mentioned how some people embrace causes to help cushion their grief or try to make sense out of the pain.
ha9541894383: In geometry it's a quadrilateral with 2 parallel sides; in anatomy, it's the smallest wrist bone #quickquiz
skiing209386: G’day mate! You alright?
levitra58147: @maldives9349 You can't discipline your body without first regimenting your mind.
hitting80365: @perfume67751 Especially when the situation gets very heated, people become defensive and start making accusations, making excuses and laying blame on others. #spirituality
blessed78955: Sup? It’s been a while!
gdp780264800: @tourism92904 You can see what hierarchy you've been living within by looking at your schedule. #selfcare
dana33514933: Hey y’all! How you doing?
finishing784: @saved8701850 If you can't find anyone close by, find the person with whom you connect best in your group and ask if they want to start doing monthly video chats o... #loveyourself
logan6046198: Hi. How’s life in Dyfed? #dyfed
cooking95421: The Royal Danish Ballet has been based in this capital city for more than 200 years #quickquiz
boat36020987: @lower5972134 Additionally, this compensation afforded him access to a private chef, chauffeur, and a private jet. #facebook
hh6968070490: Ciao! What’s shaking in Dyfed? Anyone from there? #dyfed
dairy3020801: Hey man! Long time no see.
periods54811: @rip483340253 What do you see around you?
nearby937440: @peake8801813 I was tooled up with everything I needed to survive this, right?
hunger826353: @breaks165580 While both are important, knowing how to regulate your negative emotions in particular can be crucial in promoting resilience.
stupid362980: @chad21162590 Path 1 is the look and learn healthy option, where we actually learn and grow. #bepractical
heated270648: @polish568424 Your actions align with your words. #holistichealth
humanitarian: Hiya! How are things in Dyfed? #dyfed
subsidiary98: @preceding382 The event-valve function of the biodic symbol also shows how stable patterns can arise. #development
weather64285: @plug60845554 As Daniel Levinson suggests, with maturity the acquisitive dream of youth becomes the casting off of the elder's legacy.19 #happy
boob11351528: @shall7946973 I was changing the neuroplasticity of my brain with each little step, right down to the quantum vibrations in the tubulin of the microtubules of my d...
cord29900517: @metallic5941 Thus, in order to break a plateau, you must confuse your body by breaking the pattern.
securities81: @wires4476227 Devise a step-by-step guide on how you intend to accomplish that enormous task. #wisdom
policies2828: @adapters7417 'Sweetest job I've ever had. #holistichealing
assure609593: Go to the Columbus Zoo & see Jungle Jack's Landing, named for this director emeritus of the zoo #quickquiz
lawyer850875: Perhaps the irony of experiencing a period of pandemic isolation was realising we cannot, and must not, live in isolation.
notification: @battle709033 As a result, specialized blood cells known as macrophages in the blood rush in to deal with the problem. #lifestyle
bedroom96508: @alcohol45827 Stay with it the entire practice period, even if it gets a little difficult. #positivevibes
serves327490: Hey! What's happening?
parndana7487: @nature971206 Or an experience іn whісh one ароlоgіzеѕ fоr a specific question or tіmе and undermines a process untіl іt breaks. #diva
recognize925: @classificati In her job, she gets to design experiments to test how different types of food and sources of calories affect the brain. #covid
milton321884: Hello. How’s everyone doing?
fax885620252: @jets72596581 So please-confirm that what you want for yourself is the same thing as what your therapist wants for you.
pharmacist27: @personals586 So continue keeping up the review of cognitive distortions and exposure therapy.
tool70383259: What’s up buttercup? How’s life in Amlwch? #amlwch
reporter7694: Spices are generally underrated for their ability to heal and promote wellness.
clause427244: @weekly102006 You are the one who has a wounded child to care for, to protect, and to guide. #holisticwellness
valentine777: @molecule1933 After engagement, the second wayfinding clue to look for is energy. #spiritualawakening
europe757269: @wrapping6334 I know scores of men, and women, too, who take pills enough to kill a person.
farmers98342: @domestic8205 I set out to completely reinvent and refresh my business with new programs and areas of focus and new ways of delivering my message.
dollar394659: Hey bro! How’s life in Amlwch? #amlwch
medication49: Hey man! Anyone else here from Essex? #essex
morundah8934: Hey dude! Anyone else here from Essex? #essex
t60498334162: @among1073776 And this paradox will be found on every plane, everywhere. #valour
arms73255181: @eddie3621920 After all, if it's hard to open up about vulnerabilities in person to a close friend, it can be terrifying to be the first one to make yourself appea... #open
meet97691740: @requested449 A substance that helps improve airflow through the lungs. #balance
basin6130414: The college named for this historic duo is in Williamsburg, Virginia #quickquiz
displaying67: @elementary70 In my case, part of the pain and suffering was relapses.
chaos1453794: @courts882733 It isn't so much that we don't have the courage to act when needed.
backgrounds1: @wandering996 It happens to be the one that is used in an extensive programme for teaching thinking as a skill in schools. Such a framework is not a restricting str... #helpme
waste5156329: I became who I thought my parents and other people wanted me to be.
cnn957624231: @hawkins87623 Sometimes you may feel hopeless, helpless, disappointed, regretful, or sorrowful. #healing
sitting66754: @enjoy3037681 Attention here is more like a hose letting the water flow through it.
chick3833723: @artificial57 This is called an allocentric strategy.
reduces72037: @sees47248487 You also want to find a therapist whom you feel comfortable with, because it can be a very intimate and personal experience.
pinnacle6537: Hi there. It’s been a while.
los402155201: Ciao! How’s your day?
nutrition295: @consumers614 The American Psychological Association recommends that you approach lifestyle changes in baby steps, one habit at a time.
ak9904919881: @excess286049 Repeated immersion also leads to hypothermic adaptation, whereby the body learns not to shiver when in the water so that you can control your movemen... #financial
ipod77883224: @nr6726298040 If what I want to do is stretch that moment or ignore it until it goes away, then it would be helpful to know what I'm working with.
stoneking970: @season677654 This benevolent leadership brings healing to the wounded parts and confidence to trust the True Self. #reddit
singing70880: @lowest754179 Although I passionately believed we needed to make progress on race relations, I had sworn I was not going to work in a church. #connection
fitness74844: @expertise991 When you see the group, do not focus on the whole group.
clarity34467: This is an individual, incredibly personal decision that everyone needs to make for themselves based on their specific circumstances, illness, and tr...
mystery99445: @supreme30158 And each time the thought comes back sooner and sooner. #discussion
deutschland4: @broader23473 He identified the most viable openings and submitted thirty-eight job applications, along with his impressive résumé and thirty-eight individually ... #loveyourself
milton321884: @belts4516982 If you've already done the Three-Part Breath and realized that actually the best next step is to find ways to cultivate relaxation, here are a couple... #facebook
charging3915: Hey bro! Anyone else here from Norfolk? #norfolk
bunny1643972: @ecuador90987 When people who respect each other work together, they can come up with solutions to problems based on their collective insight, creativity, and wisd... #selfcare
sisters51110: G’day mate! Well, look at you.
amphitheatre: Public domain land in the 1800s where the buffalo & cattle roamed before the homesteaders fenced them in #quickquiz
metals432258: @clip14839962 It can bring us together and divide us apart.
opt304901500: Hey buddy! What's new?
survival2242: Ahoy social media mates! I'm from Norfolk. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #norfolk

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