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somalia40371: Wazzup? How you doing?
col953695000: @pittsburgh11 Possessing this cognitive process training methodology in your arsenal also allows you to train confidence in yourself and others....
included8379: Rather, Woods get angry when they feel out of control or when they observe injustices and disparity in life. ...
holiday84302: @carnival1437 If they say they are hungry, they probably are. #connect
magnetic6265: @spoken326387 Generally, there will be someone in your family or in your close circle of friends who you can trust and who you are comfortable sharing your stress,...
involvement5: How do you do? What's going on in West Midlands? #westmidlands
extends58831: @brudell22432 Instant Persuasion Using Trеndѕ
breasts63864: Hey girl! How’s life in Oldbury? #oldbury
recruitment5: @cdna23240550 For now you are just exercising your creative idea-generating abilities.Now apply this technique to an object you actually want to change, such as to... #helpme
fda150041526: Hey buddy! Doing OK?
leadership48: The true scientific spirit must reverence and adore the power that lies behind creation.
owen85437102: @kelley950523 It has become part of your collective unconscious. #meditation
created28271: @convention52 What gооd thіngѕ dо реорlе ѕау аbоut you?
medal8801614: One of the practices the Kama Sutra says men should master is training these birds to speak #quickquiz
evident94039: Hey bro! Anyone from West Midlands on #westmidlands
harold870355: @sara58146926 It's been a couple of years since her diagnosis, and Margot says her relationship with her family is much better now. ... #give
fear11459205: Now then. What's going on in West Midlands? #westmidlands
vic273015118: @municipal628 I'm a lousy student. #selflove
kopet9909887: Howard Phillips #quickquiz
obtaining815: @smart2343560 That discovery put Harry on track to ultimately defeating Voldy.
orazine15565: @contract9469 He began to champion the benefits of being a 'good enough' parent in the early 1950s. #mindset
booth4993230: @dod566406861 It іѕ useful tо bеlіеvе thаt сhаngе іѕ fun аnd еаѕу. #mindfulness
courier16912: But the very first time her very first child weeps inconsolably from colic it is likely a mother will also depend upon ego defenses.... #open
spray2844966: @vulnerable57 Needless to say, he didn't come home that night. #bodymind
sec661244571: @shoulder3539 I know that because I used these processes for myself first.
radel9581701: @reynolds8911 They must study it through inference of its impact on the objects around it.
faith5739964: G’day mate! How are you doing?
licensed1387: I'd always just assumed that you either get numbers or you don't. #mindbodyspirit
prime4369989: @oxygen618822 Where in your body do you feel it? #healthandwellness
occasions327: Hi there. I'm from West Midlands. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #westmidlands
bell74162138: @chosen741147 This woman's stomach had been given too much to do. #open
antibody2885: Surely not just for the pleasure of hoarding what money we have?!
penetration1: @alex91179024 When we reality-check the thoughts swimming in our own minds, we notice some awful, terrible commentary.... #mentalhealth
gym310969389: Now then. How are things?
fatal9482630: @food68544271 The initial internal stage for a person is typically a jarring experience much like the initial stages of a rocket's violent separation from earth.... #meditation
hardwood1297: This, Andrew Meyer's 3-word plea to security at a 2007 speech, was followed by bro! #quickquiz
deemed223590: @polish568424 You realize, OH! This is NOT who I am! in order to discover who you really are.
ellen7256149: The minotaur's home #quickquiz
gentleman640: How do you do? How’s life in West Midlands? #westmidlands
keyboards317: @stainless151 People wіll measure the vаluе оf уоur асtіоnѕ and behavior ассоrdіng to their еxресtаtіоnѕ.... #healthy
bali34720137: Whazzup? What's new?
version23483: After eliminating them and reintroducing them, you may realize that eggs are just fine for you. #holisticwellness
si4581505425: @ethics195226 Those who enter our lives feel the same way. #connect
zoom77923452: @costeira5264 As it is, between the trolley car and the automobile, very few people get what they need.
socioforce81: Hey y’all! How’s everyone doing?
spy381206265: Hey man! How’s everything in lovely West Midlands today? #westmidlands
hans42521717: Belinda seemed to be in a much better place after the session.
dense6136587: @shower600691 Think about other ways that you have achieved your goals and spend some time looking back on them. #holistichealing
inspired9918: @michigan4459 Take a look at your schedule and find some time to volunteer and give something back to your community.... #meetup
nos740172798: @journalism95 If it does not, go back to your list and solutions and try to find one that has more potential to it. ... #psyche
surgery23608: In Jr. high school this Rambo star was voted the student most likely to end up in the electric chair #quickquiz
urge46964232: @boring521270 The emergency room physician completed a series of x-rays, which revealed that Jeremy had no obstructions, so some fluids were administered to expedi... #valour
couzens42246: @lead94511317 Live in gratitude and be grateful for what you have. #health
tests7123573: @kings1453957 No matter what you want to achieve in your work, business, or personal life, no matter how you seek to enrich your life, you can direct your intuitiv...
barn97679244: ‘What she said was clear to me, but Eliza, maybe you could explain it again?' At that point I can jump in and say it myself. ...
ons643691412: @promise80051 She found herself rapidly shifting to a plant-based diet. #balance
kenneth55334: @locked105105 Yоu gеt to know уоurѕеlf bеttеr and be аwаrе оf your сurrеnt еmоtіоnаl аnd mеntаl states.... #mind
dated6134684: @cast54399300 If you see something that makes you feel good, or gives you a good memory when you walk past it, it is a constant boost to your mental health. ...
math44957090: G’day mate! Long time no see.
computers428: A Type One is known for doing the right thing and making sure others do the right thing as well. #bhfyp
metadata1298: Hi. How’s your day going?
deny22770949: Hi there. How's tricks in West Midlands today? #westmidlands
hole50178047: @procedures76 Now, journal about your experience.
specify40153: @escape341570 She ran away for the first time at fourteen, made friends that were older, owned cars, and lived in apartments. ...
lying8907062: Really let yourself go there. #justbreathe
stuff7771440: @terrace74119 Whеn someone рrаіѕеѕ еѕресіаllу whеn уоu hаvеn't dоnе аnуthіng tо dеѕеrvе іt, ԛuеѕtіоn thеіr intention. ...
airports8370: @thinks616723 I'm not in my mother's care anymore.
developed510: Hiya! I'm from West Midlands. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #westmidlands
responded562: @beef67125776 So the artificial character of currently fashionable ‘biorhythms' can serve like astrology as a framework to be believed in rather than a reflection... #covid
selections78: The fact is that both are embarrassed because the matter is nothing, trivial. #mindboggling
strength5976: And be big enough to grant to others their undoubted right to see and think from their own standpoint....
expenditures: @paluma570868 Being able to have the autonomy and feel empowered to restructure your work around your symptoms. #wellness
academics369: @onion9661503 It's fairly normal to experience some degree of stress leading up to exams, but if you're experiencing an unhealthy amount to where it's hindering le... #body
albrough3189: @wheel9191746 I was not in healthy relationships either time and I was battling with my own demons.
clothing2517: @moehring3000 The image below, the thought tree, is an analogy for the anatomy of a thought. #energyhealing
enquiry23171: Howdy! How’s things?
holes9290294: @img537676874 Next was to extend compassion and courage to the parts of me that feel scared and insecure. #financial
concerning32: @activated318 I can get really down on myself sometimes, and sometimes I look around and get really down about the world. ... #innerpeace
explain90776: @burns9621642 When you're shopping, make sure you keep the fruits and veggies on top of everything else in your cart. ... #wild
ended9636580: Whazzup? How’s everyone doing? Anyone else here from West Midlands? #westmidlands
temporary517: As long as you understand how we're coming across. #spiritual
salter559373: @don752812858 You aren't sure he really got it.
qualifying36: If I were, I probably wouldn't need a year of wellness experiments to help me feel like less of a mess. ...
breeding7287: @io7557068512 When you begin to experience a larger version of your life, you will see that each time you grow and stretch yourself, you will be supported. ... #happy
fashion48726: @nepal1641245 My training and practice in India took place among the very impoverished who had little access to healthcare....
arm821551445: Ciao! Nice to see you all.
roger6472142: @telephony986 The last and most common distinction in temperament that I'll touch upon dates back to the times of Hippocrates.... #loveyourself
tepley757877: The Bellwomen is a book about a landmark 1970s sex discrimination case against this company #quickquiz
imported5064: @structural60 You can also use a glass even if you dislike water – there are other things to drink. #spiritualawakening
enterprises4: @ebook4544832 A Christian martyr really does have to believe in salvation and heaven. #selfcare
colombia9354: Most imроrtаntlу… taste уоur fооd before уоu ѕеаѕоn it! #covid
guidelines96: Iva D' Aguino, who in 1977 received a presidential pardon, was better known by this nickname #quickquiz
gage21888222: @boo874528346 When viewed in this way, I'd say your boss is offering you a great gift, wouldn't you? #bhfyp
qty537814470: Sup? It’s been a while.
dc5545012634: @accredited91 This world is full of infinite potential, so there shouldn't be so many of us feeling so stuck. #give
applecross38: Hey girl! Are you all OK?
shareholders: Ciao! Good to see you!
pdt260991120: The preface to this play says English is not thus accessible even to Englishmen #quickquiz
bodine412624: Talk about your childhood, what it was like, where you were raised, your family, pets, your home, your school/s. ...
examinations: @spank2446149 Well, maybe we can talk about it tomorrow, said the analyst, ending the hour.

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