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oregon986073: Sup? How’s everyone doing? Anyone else here from County Durham? #countydurham
spam49643688: @jar912445490 Let's go there today.
yearly315556: Wazzup? I'm from Seascale. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #seascale
motter796490: @playlist7069 Manny Zane, Herb Fensterheim, Jerilyn Ross, Sabe Basescu, Isadore From. #wellnessjourney
heidelberg52: Whazzup? How’s everything?
use350953206: @sanyo5748198 Recognize the difference between this level of tasks and those that you have deemed dangerous to practice together. #style
apart5090500: @friday107694 Figuring out how to feel close to my family in adulthood, while also enforcing adequate space around me, has always been a very hard thing to talk ab...
fishing41265: @drive2935789 I spent the better part of my midtwenties playing catch-up and trying to get on board with the diagnosis I had ignored for so long. #psyche
dread7509081: On December 4, this coach at Northwestern signed a 4-year contract to coach football at Notre Dame #quickquiz
mark89296012: If you eat these foods and chemicals from time to time, they will most likely be harmless.
jewelry18265: @retrieve2740 Stress happens, but by the time we reach adulthood, our brains need to be able to process it.
phillips8679: @friend875470 In the Integrity Process, as you embraced that shift happens, you took an honest look at the various areas of your life and determined where you were...
gedman807484: Hey buddy! How's tricks in Norfolk today? #norfolk
asked3558691: @rational8576 When you eat these foods, your body over time will become insensitive to its own insulin and start to secrete more and more in an effort to open up t...
israeli44797: @golf51343713 Choice replaces compliance.
incest949359: @ukraine39647 When Sandra set her heart on medicine as a career, she was ill-prepared for the intensity of the competitive pressures she would face.
shorter57311: Actually moving your body is a whole other story.
daisy4825814: @rely34223822 Whatever our path in life, we all want the same things – less stress and more fulfilment.
timothy42647: What’s up buttercup? How are you all holding up?
mountain1300: @turner985664 Growing up in a dysfunctional home trains us to detect and prioritize the feelings and needs of others before our own. #affirmations
coalition802: @fix359160035 The women who repeatedly fall for creepy men, ignore good men who are attracted to them, and then blame men for their social woes
teacher36842: @oaklands1870 Sрrеаd уоur аrmѕ and legs іn a grасеful manner.
pee758992946: @rss310799137 You know in your heart that some friendships aren't meant to be or that some romances just aren't going to pan out. #balance
threshold388: @foundations7 I hate it when things don't work properly. #girl
bernard19666: @mitsubishi30 I grew out my hair, started listening to the Grateful Dead, and almost got kicked out of college for taking bong hits in a friend's dorm room.
announce9537: @battery17710 Ethics tend to be subjective, and it is sometimes difficult to apply ethical codes to real-life situations, because they are, by their nature, open t...
russia256776: G’day mate! How’s your day?
bandy3525109: Hi everyone. Anyone from Congleton on this social network? #congleton
train6647541: @digit3047691 My favourite way to reward myself is to wake up the next day still buzzing from the night before. #innerpeace
princeton599: @greatest3201 There is nothing wrong with me! #nourishyourself
racing789087: @jackie718292 As with all these techniques, we're breathing in through our nose and out through our mouth or nose, depending on what feels comfortable for you. #music
key977328933: @mckenna98528 I don't even feel depressed.
compliance52: Hi there. Anyone from Dalwhinnie on this social network? #dalwhinnie
collaborativ: How do you do? What's going on in Kent? #kent
safer3660224: @lamp51955865 In a busy shopping street thousands of pedestrians move along the pavements. #health
maker4239808: @tackle132527 We're all in favour of it, aren't we, except that we know there must be limits here, too.
operated4525: @upon55165624 Dancers from all over the world were performing, and they also sat in the audience watching the show. #transformation
decade371949: This archangel is the patron saint of messengers #quickquiz
equally97514: Hey y’all! Good to see you!
warned499469: @kennedy15717 When you are connected, inspired, and grounded in spirit, then you know that everything is happening for your soul's evolution.
considers171: Life transforms us in good and bad ways that change our values and desires.
developments: The bars of the cage comprise all the things I know, my attitudes, values, beliefs, convictions, expectations … and all my prejudices.
forest225908: Hi there. Good to see you all.
bristol24370: Hey girl! What's up?
vg1752055686: @mercury83342 Scanning your body from head to toe while releasing tension that exists in your muscles is an accessible, helpful, and effective technique to deal wi... #wisdom
queens687073: Things stand out because they're different, so we notice every detail, from street signs to mailboxes to how you pay at a restaurant.
produces4504: Hey dude! What's happening in Cottingham on this fine day? #cottingham
drainage9925: Ahoy! What's happening in North Yorkshire on this fine day? #northyorkshire
parameter132: @eating296594 I sent him home to practice.
domain380429: Hi everyone. Anyone from North Yorkshire on this social network? #northyorkshire
traveling225: @examples3527 Seligman's research has shown that how you think about the past directly affects your feelings about the present and the future.
almost259011: @social340170 And not only are you stuck in some random place, say Antarctica, but you can't really help him solve the crises. #organiclifestyle
fairfield999: @victim842283 In my research, I call this creative reconceptualization.4 When you harness the power that's in your nonconscious mind, you're capable of making ment...
sound6127601: @junk11362401 It reminds us to always approach every situation with adequate preparedness and readiness.
highlighted6: @cu6734641173 Keep on learning. #nourishyourself
johns1869881: @dip880930562 But here's the deal: You can't truly and fully show up for others unless you show up and be true to yourself. #together
console78819: @rip483340253 It is less culturally provincial than Freud's, and it translates Freud's poetic metaphors into biological realities.
postcard6223: @pit481244932 The more experience you gain with mind maps, the more benefits you can achieve in different areas of your life.
jelsma591194: @rate29540936 As you will discover, part of putting an end to emotional eating is discovering your why.
promptly4717: @shipped26388 He was also very tired, having overworked in his preparation for examinations, and because he had not taken the best care of his body. #coordination
composite815: Hey! Anyone from North Yorkshire on this social network? #northyorkshire
scholars4691: @russell91116 Once you've identified a few areas you want to explore further, commit to taking a single tiny action each day to broaden your portfolio of creative ... #holistichealth
friend875470: @machine69685 At the moment, outside of specialized groups, people have to communicate with each other through the mass media in the sense that the media take thei...
mins63986625: @trader663583 It may be used as a way of living or a way of looking at things.
ampland80881: @rs3921482678 And as much as the first thirty-five years of my career have been rewarding and exciting, I'm still craning my neck around the corner to try to see w... #organiclifestyle
arnold559444: Understanding what happiness means to you is the crucial first step.
honolulu5750: @editions6954 If some flaws are pointed out, be humble to accept them, and welcome the stakeholders to come help review your plans and your input.
gumly2943464: @wheels704555 When in a relationship, you do have to talk about what you like and don't like, what you enjoy and what you detest.
definitely52: @john74330421 I could have friends ship me disinfecting wipes.
medicines241: In fact, it does the opposite.
george356609: @blessed78955 It's not about whispering to those flowers that you walk past – just stopping to be honest with yourself about how many comforting and contributing ... #lifestyle
compressed51: @upper5334653 Sponsor a child in Cambodia.
inherited416: @penelope4765 It's about noticing, she says.
carbon557896: @deal55335895 They write the scripts of their own lives, and in doing so, they have greater impact on the world around them. #wellbeing
speed8708004: Hey bro! What's going on in East Yorkshire? #eastyorkshire
amino5028161: There are 66 books in this version of the Bible first published in 1611 #quickquiz
objective324: On Feb. 29, 1980 this 51-year-old ex-Red Wing scored his 800th NHL goal #quickquiz
grip41738631: @minolta42950 In a moment, you'll come back into the room, feeling awake, refreshed, and better than before.
compiled8814: @river7137613 Plan a potluck together, go out for dinner, or meet up for coffee.
leeds8004832: @busy84484940 Intuitive eating is more about sustainable weight than weight loss.
toolbox86300: @organ5350483 We all know how to say thank you when someone does something we're grateful for. #lifestyle
realty242098: @sr9247447971 The issue is how does one create a script, get funding, or recruit subjects?
TRUE21602380: Hey man! Long time no see.
penalties756: In a jealous rage, a soldier murders the gypsy with whom he's had a passionate affair in this Bizet opera #quickquiz
nuke35389848: @cole36180562 Someone once said that you learn more from failure than success.
hinkson88517: The control group felt less empowered and less satisfied with life over the course of the study.
re5439443185: A specially trained butcher known as a shochet is required to prepare meat to this religious standard #quickquiz
successful53: @volunteers47 Activity has its own value. #raiseyourvibrations
yea708270676: @aims54862721 And to me, that is the best thing that you can do.
studied68675: @auto23586823 These seemingly trivial actions may seem like overdone clichés. #loveyourself
courses31374: Hey dude! How's tricks in Hessle today? #hessle
sl7140784682: @thereof40175 There are people whose death leaves you with an ache of grief.
alien2523235: @balnagowan20 But a person can make the effort to enlarge the self-space.
saddam347639: @impact738029 Inspect your life for signs of having an imbalance in selfishness, in either direction.
correction76: @investing467 And in that moment, she found suddenly that she could not take a breath. #healing
cellular3164: @small7358978 Each level transcends and includes its predecessors. #loveyourself
submission68: @records11878 It dоеѕn't rеԛuіrе gіvіng a physical оbjесt, іt doesn't require expending аnу rеаl еffоrt аnd іt puts a different slant on ѕhа...
hiring443117: @fabric210265 Embracing means acknowledging, facing, accepting, and willingly and mindfully gathering awareness of the emotional and physical warning signals your ... #yoga
interaction6: Whazzup? Good to see you all.
undergraduat: How do you do? How's tricks in Broseley today? #broseley

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