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cash35724679: @middlesex818 Once you know the secret of delight, you will enjoy every emotion.
hate58020570: Earlier in 1775 he rode to warn the patriots to move their military stores from Concord #quickquiz
para63223584: No one can master your attention for you.
tahoe3032772: @eumundi26891 On the Mediterranean Diet, you're advised to consume olive oil in large amounts. #lifestyle
tex335322922: @arcade150995 It starts to bleed from broken blood vessel ends that are now exposed, she wrote.
purposes7670: @vugteveen605 Let your attention still rest on your heart center for a few minutes.
perra6672925: Understand that you are equal to others.
charging3915: @belarus94963 Indeed, in Peggy's case, such conflict and change are as necessary to her growth and development as are exercise and education. #inspirationdaily
intervals787: @indirect9384 Did you know that dropping one letter from your name on your résumé can get you more returned calls from employers? #motivation
subdivision9: @consumption1 If Greg hadn't been practicing mindfulness to observe his thoughts in a nonjudgmental way, he would likely have languished in an ongoing struggle aga... #wellpreneur
projectors67: @cr3304746043 It makes us weak and fills us with fear, and it draws the day of our departure nearer. #affirmations
flickr643500: @dans14020386 We could save time in other ways. #selfcare
ladies576959: @horror198409 Yet that focus came at an expense. #helpme
correspondin: @corresponden You're identified with them, but no more so than you re identified with everything else that's arising moment to moment. #greenlifestyle
alfred378964: @stewart21335 Far from it. #thatslife
cruz31799592: Hey girl! Anyone else here from Pershore? #pershore
welfare61921: Ethiopia's Lake Tana serves as the main source of this colorful river #quickquiz
lesbian98335: @everybody464 Only the mother knew. #lifestyle
articles3997: @handling5654 Can I spend some time with you and your kiddos? #health
mistake43488: @qualities534 Accept that you are a human being with limited control and limited power.
refer3691274: Appropriate astrological sign shared by Britain's Princesses Anne & Margaret #quickquiz
sci402411920: @magical28060 Change requires we actually change – both individually and collectively. #girl
cooler144973: Bigger than a giggle (6) #quickquiz
adjusted9909: G’day mate! What's happening in Pershore on this fine day? #pershore
semester8389: @valuable8484 Onсе critical wау tо prevent or сurе thіѕ kіnd of bаd frаmе іѕ rарроrt.
june35931254: G’day mate! What’s shaking in Surrey? Anyone from there? #surrey
carb10409207: @dialog208881 Our marriage made sense.
phys96666520: @landing61503 You simply have to be present and open. #fitness
persistent17: Hiya. Anyone from Pershore on #pershore
muckleford85: @simon8245775 Unlike Sammy Grimm, he described firm but kindly discipline from both of his parents. #lifestyle
legislation2: @algeria18105 Or he may have become bogged down in some problem of detail or even some inconsistency in the proposed meta-system.
zimbabwe6096: @sections2416 Remember when Trump said, such a nasty woman during a debate with Hillary Clinton?
societies483: @incorporate6 One of the immune system's secret weapons, built into our biology from the beginning of human life on earth, is the natural killer cell. It's one of ...
finland96577: There are many aspects of thinking at which they might well be better than the self-styled intellectuals.
ht5541951562: Erich Maria Remarque was a pen name; he came up with it by spelling this, his real last name, backwards #quickquiz
sunset809403: @socialgossip We will never hear them when we need them.
traveler5722: @lenswood7960 Come out of the past and help me move forward into my future.
cunt55272534: The end credits for this 1998 film with Woody Allen feature the song High Hopes #quickquiz
warm12949375: Putting down your thoughts on paper allows you to see what you are dealing with.
ps3805167716: @nerve5023416 What are you thinking?
taghon947044: Hey there. Anyone from Surrey on #surrey
strictly9032: @logo58950450 Some hadn’t officially been diagnosed with any type of mood disorder, yet they were channeling a lot of the same symptoms into seemingly acceptable... #liveinspired
exemption409: Hi everyone. What’s shaking?
adelaide5488: @surgeons7476 Finding mutuality in personal relationships is important. #psyche
concerned442: @gathered8532 You are the kindest and gentlest person I know.
nested977047: This newspaper was shut out, but its ex-chairperson Katherine Graham won for her autobiography #quickquiz
sao795619417: @representati He can improve this world through the processes of change and adjustment.
realistic439: @powerseller2 We saved money to buy equipment and to travel with, and in June we were ready to go. #wellbeing
gourmet80543: Aloha. What's up in Surrey? #surrey
summit695423: @essentials27 A small and usually unimportant area is explored in great depth and detail.
guided948691: A literary work written in defense of one's ideas or actions #quickquiz
ongoing53785: @buzzapp63654 The campfire is the analogy for agni, while some of the common issues with building it represent the issues that lead to its dysfunction in the body-...
accessing294: In 1752 England's Whitechapel Foundry cast this at a cost of 150 pounds, 13 shillings, 8 pence #quickquiz
frozen545925: @game52313756 Thе people whо саn control their mіndѕ аrе thе mаіn buѕіnеѕѕmеn, lеаdеrѕ аnd аthlеtеѕ whо аrе раrt оf thе grоuрѕ.... #coordination
mumbai241380: @arthur293992 If communication channels are open and healthy, family members can thwart the destructive effects of stress by sharing their feelings and supporting ...
yale46563939: @low187477613 Success in life is a sum total of small and scattered successes that amount to a final moment of self-accomplishment, happiness, admiration, love, an...
elizabeth811: @revolution18 Belief can have a strong impact on your physical state, as well. #lightworker
accountabili: Hiya! How are you all?
motorola9414: This term, also used in cooking ham, refers to the coating left by freezing rain #quickquiz
unlock291166: @o9962208677 Avoid sarcasm or kidding during a serious discussion.
contributed2: @wma983515040 In fасt they аrе mоrе thаn that - thеу аrе gооd persuaders. #spiritual
patients7647: @serial319935 And what positive things could happen if you did some of these things? #wellnessjourney
samoa7808625: @receptor1365 Why are or aren't you reaching out to others, and if you are, how?
pills1365956: @bathroom4596 I should have been the one to call the shots, but instead he was the lead negotiator. #yoga
fortune17211: @ee6289133490 Maybe it's a giant tree or a rogue weed emerging from the cracks of the sidewalk.
boxed9419633: @florists1500 And, more important, he's starting to think that it's not about finding the perfect job, it's about making the job he has perfect. It turns out it pa... #selfhelp
measured6739: Likewise, your future won't be the same as your past unless you bring the past with you.
shiflett1403: @jumping66687 Well, to breathe means to connect with our body.
reforms17635: @warnings3972 Almost every man between 48 and 52 who works indoors, eats too much, exercises too little, sleeps insufficiently. #health
satellite601: Hey! What's up?
io7557068512: The Boys of Summer #quickquiz
unwrap139406: @saddam347639 This visualization technique is great for blocking toxic words coming at you from negative people. #healing
example30022: This type of steak with the name of female apparel is more bluntly a cow's diaphragm #quickquiz
malaysia2177: @responsibili Everyone else is expected to show they respect the alpha's status by not mirroring the boss lady's posture.
searches1493: @gig100813560 This is Grace in action because your Creator has much more in store for you. #bhfyp
amber6933373: @mention85332 If meditation is a step too far at the moment, then maybe suggest taking some time out in nature, watching a comedy or getting some exercise. #health
recommended8: @gale15461030 It's these four threads that run so brilliantly through the fabric of nearly every story of recovery I've examined and which could lay the groundwork ...
call81038156: @pizza4927803 Whether and how they interact with family, friends, and people at work.
emerald26192: Hi everyone. Doing OK?
deer69892031: @alice3023077 Clearly something is out of balance and your body is reacting. #family
boone5826478: @leslie155006 I must have been visibly drunk at this point. #wellnessjourney
hospitals806: @gregory25976 Without some constraints, these types of brainstorming sessions tend to generate ideas that are neither prototypable nor satisfying. #liveinspired
messages7062: Hey dude! What's new?
scott5271827: Hiya. What's happening in Surrey on this fine day? #surrey
tactics30272: @degree701267 The key is for you to engage with others who share interests with you and to eventually feel like you belong to something or someone.
invite558380: @greene567841 You can only focus on your own behavior. #holistic
jet982151973: @carlos491437 Being armed with the tools I'd been using for years, I was able to navigate the attack quite well. #bodymind
then10785069: @expert647837 They need to reflect what is most important to you. #consciousness
canal7833049: In 44 B.C. he was made dictator for life, a post abolished after he died the same year #quickquiz
dover1206296: It's the star found at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper #quickquiz
prescription: @volkswagen80 So for now, just know that these emotions are totally normal and natural, but that they do not serve your greater Purpose. #coordination
chloe3063834: @construct468 This is because each person makes an effort not to collide with another and moves so as to allow the other person room for movement. #wellnessjourney
rugby8831284: @fiscal681260 Widening of the bronchi or bronchioles.
wordpress328: @scanning4537 Stack on enough unaddressed disconnections and watered-down apologies over many years, and kids get used to not feeling seen or acknowledged in their...
charger94004: @rpg322769285 Over time, though, we are forgotten. #motivation
everline5416: @gender597656 Do you feel better about your circumstances than you did before? #psyche
cancellation: @vietnamese52 Breathing into the upper legs, the glutes, down to the knees, shins, ankles and feet.
hilton337109: @house1679643 Or it might be that I am getting a boost in this area from the stimulation, which I am today using via a rather fetching rubber cap.
omaha4283182: G’day mate! How’s life in Surrey? #surrey
eight4941622: @remained8284 Similar to how happiness leads to more productivity, happiness allows for more creativity, as you have more ability to think outside the box and appr... #liveinspired

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