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niger5503660: @craps4718969 But that's not what she wants. #healing
keyword15218: @teaching3026 Just hold your awareness there for a moment. #meditation
harvest15781: @barbie383102 My husband is doing that thing again where he just shuts down. #wellnessjourney
tyler7171507: Exodus 20 says you can't build one of these out of hewed stone & priests cannot be naked on it #quickquiz
soundtrack48: @trio92919242 Sоmе рrеfеr to think іn pictures, оthеrѕ іn sounds, thіrd in feelings аnd fourth in wоrdѕ - through соnvеrѕаtіоn with thеmѕеl... #wellbeing
eventually25: @perceived496 I feel guilty for not being the Mom and Grandma I once was. #music
yugoslavia45: @css362871085 The further something is in the future, the more that can happen between now and then. #healthyliving
ya9829773531: In 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Sigourney Weaver portrayed this queen #quickquiz
genealogy805: @lf4814336421 And then there are the people who own property, who own businesses, and who try to make the area better today, but who are prevented from realizing t... #nourishyourself
figueras6524: Hey girl! It’s been a while.
indication44: @princess5862 My knowledge that self-discipline is a finite resource led me to a solution that was extremely fun, wildly productive, and ultimately financially sou... #art
upload484697: @governing750 If I stopped worrying, it would be equivalent to neglect. #give
holders58835: The Ra II is on display in the Kon-Tiki Museum in this capital city #quickquiz
divine596495: @govt15895268 Upon learning this, the said people become arrogant and adopt nasty behavior that makes the rest of the workforce tiptoe around them, including the m... #helpme
bathrooms524: Yo! Anyone from Surrey on #surrey
cocks4628094: Abuse of prescription pain medications has become the number-one addiction problem in the US, and this class of drugs kills more people each year tha...
connon309383: Hey there. How’s life in Surrey? #surrey
wagon3876616: Hiya! Good to see you all.
seeking15598: @secretary869 Hormone that makes us feel attachment and form bonds with others. #meetup
odd224884027: @update461797 A 2014 review suggested animal-assisted therapies might help with depression, schizophrenia and addictions.
wrap26707440: @holland65923 I keep coming back to the thought that I should never have broken up with that boyfriend, even though he treated me terribly, the relationship seemed... #meetup
persons73814: @spartanburg7 We just don't find it as interesting or attainable.
james3183389: Make time and space in your life to complete these exercises.
flash6653247: @lawer8267687 Self-sacrifice speaks volumes about an individual's character. #energy
manuals49817: @overview1446 Through my encouragement, they joined Al Anon and received the support and wisdom of many other parents with similar struggles.
buses6516802: @est108658439 Before facing others, we must compose ourselves and force a smile, adjusting our mindset for the next situation. #wellbeing
merger317985: @otherwise908 Rather than allowing a discussion of goals to dominate the session, I ask Sally to refine the list for homework. #energy
offerings911: @prophet31105 You will be invited to explore your internal self and find ways to integrate the skills into your life in order to embrace overall happiness and littl...
competitive8: @fashion32751 Your ego depends on mirrors. #discussion
determine220: @retention252 I'm incompetent seems to be a core belief that goes back a long time with you, and which you believe much more strongly when you're depressed. #wellpreneur
understood24: @sarkissian71 I think that's what service is. #fitness
ronald509558: @technologica Each emotional profile looks at emotional intelligence and with each person's emotional intelligence there are four common parts.
viii49585168: @presentation Get support in communicating productively.
equipment581: @secret954809 Supplement with a green powder to ensure your body is alkaline and to optimize digestion. #liveinspired
gained741043: @okay29317249 But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains. #energyhealing
experimental: @belief315756 Our tears are love spilling out of our eyes.
sprint234501: @acids9460789 What could you say instead of You are so strong?
runtime40340: Hi. How are you all?
alexia875681: @laid49140305 I realized that though deep and painful, these feelings were really nothing more than sensations. #meditation
epic89834617: Dizzy Gillespie, Parker & others developed this new style of jazz at Minton's Playhouse, a NYC nightclub #quickquiz
winnebago662: @wings9686153 It was like expecting a sore to get well while it was constantly being rubbed and irritated.
wear18567366: @shift4241613 I came here on my own free will and can leave this mountain any time I want. #mindbodyspirit
it7715041816: @staff4890266 Whatever emotion arises, being with that emotion is the way home to your True Self.
reservation1: @manager83463 Writing brings order out of chaos by putting your brain on paper. If we don't get our suppressed thoughts out, they stay rooted in our mind, causing ...
investing467: Traumatic events can shatter our beliefs about the world, humanity, or our confidence, making it hard to just sweep them under the rug and press forw...
llp928256920: @rochester863 Not growing as fast as I could in my business. #girl
petition2115: Now then. What's happening?
employment27: @wells1417963 Say you have a job that requires you to make decisions about hiring new staff or letting go of some workers. #meetup
chairman5826: Emma Thompson (1995) #quickquiz
departmental: @rather399129 Strong will to live
stamps963785: @selected2024 The giving of whiskey at least lifted the scare [ and enabled the patient to use his vital resources to best advantage. #consciousness
guidance6012: @hotel9781183 It's also called soul consciousness, or transcendental consciousness.
naomi1832615: @ext269044467 Companion animals can provide me with companionship, presence, unconditional love, touch, and a sense of purpose.
help29472250: @drone1332818 Preschoolers suddenly have holes in their teeth. #energy
valentine777: @discharge509 Some tips apply to romantic relationships and partnerships, and others apply to non-romantic relationships and friendships. #wellnessblogger
vugteveen605: By conscious effort a person may be able to sustain a changed attitude even though there has been no perceptual change.
subsidiaries: On March 10, 1876 this inventor transmitted the first telephone message: Mr. Watson, come here! I want you #quickquiz
ppm913620934: @involved7159 She'd make passing references to stomach troubles, a bug that wouldn't let up, and would demur on a helping of seconds. #innerpeace
cables536501: @ve9575263589 The establishing of any relationship whatsoever requires open-mindedness because human beings come with their own individuality.
why174359251: @doubt8624292 When you reach the last bite threshold, even the most exciting of foods become your normal and you no longer enjoy it. #financial
permit142746: Hiya. If you’re well, then that’s good, and I’m well too.
gravity42311: @experiments8 Less is more. What constraints make your job impossible? #facebook
matched47627: @commodity285 The answer lies in contentment.
username3042: This instrument is Latin America's equivalent of the xylophone #quickquiz
thunder43636: This 2-named NYC hotel offers a 1,900-square-foot Central Park Suite, overlooking Central Park, natch #quickquiz
derby3289651: @binnie652390 Once you know the secret of delight, you will enjoy every emotion.
percent11625: @fax885620252 Little t traumas are often overlooked because we rationalize them as common or not as serious or obvious as big traumas, so we don't deal with them. ...
promoting721: The Navajos build these traditional dwellings out of earth & mud #quickquiz
nd4351269410: Yo! How’s everyone doing? Anyone else here from County Londonderry? #countylondonderry
hitachi82726: @corrections3 Both attitudes cut off the possibility of any improvement. #healthyhappylife
mechanical49: @abraham43264 It was rather endearing, and of course it was also flattering. #meditation
grenada37544: From Dutch for salt, it's a term used of standing water with a salty, unpleasant taste #quickquiz
calculations: @delacruz8245 When you exude positivity, you attract positivity. #consciousness
onion9661503: @stolen538386 The purchasing is what I was addicted to.
apart5090500: @examines4901 They feel they need to cut other people down to make themselves appear taller. #bodymind
hey271334190: @weekly102006 I didn't give a damn who saw or heard. #wellnessblogger
creek4047161: @cities523959 As we talked more about it, it gradually became clear that she'd walked up to a man who'd been napping against a building and woken him up by trying ... #together
accompanied3: @intellectual In order to reprogram our thinking, we need to know who we are, understand that this is our life and no one else has control over it, consider the wo... #nature
merry4869961: @oxygen618822 A friend of mine became an expert in Chinese armorial porcelain because he inherited a few pieces. #discussion
coalition802: @dose59568468 This will contribute to weight loss if you haven't been paying much attention to unnecessary fat on meat. #wellnessblogger
worry1716432: What’s up buttercup? What’s shaking in County Londonderry? Anyone from there? #countylondonderry
perfectly653: Yo! How have you all been?
cloudy136198: Wazzup? How's tricks?
carnival1437: @attack687595 Meaning ореrаtеѕ соntеxt-dереndеntlу. #healingjourney
surge4108498: @arrivals4416 Our brains crave this chemical wash. #healthandwellness
howto8628947: Mary I's reign began in 1553 after a 9-day interruption by this lady, who didn't even want the crown #quickquiz
kernel149198: He spent ten days in jail.
hoyne6622026: @rosegarland1 For me, the core of my work as a psychiatrist has always been trying to understand and help patients and their families.
regulations3: Marquita was screaming Mamma, no! as she was torn from Isabella's arms.
mayfield2476: @pine43366992 Again, boundaries are fine, but an authentic relationship is significant regardless of emotional distance. #selflove
cycle1215898: @massive52710 What can I do to make sure that never happens again? But what if that's impossible?
input3503230: @state8166379 Once in this relaxed, focused, receptive state you are ready to begin writing. #holistic
slave7432759: Howdy! Anyone else here from County Londonderry? #countylondonderry
bonus9644440: Ciao! What's up in County Londonderry? #countylondonderry
campaign9207: @interested10 It was just a question of the human will overcoming even the worst sensations that the body could send up to the brain and deliberately refusing to pe...
pg8172514405: @sieber571167 Deep down what's really been holding you back is a feeling based on the perception of others and yourself. #reddit
contrary5658: @tahoe3032772 Made without… something! #style
tired4333323: Hey! Anyone from Sandbach on #sandbach
lap646090934: In 1666 it occurred to Newton that apples & the moon might both be subject to this force #quickquiz
volkswagen80: Remember, this makes sense from a survival standpoint.

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