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our848179743: @fund92801700 He knew that civilization needed to do more with less, so that all people everywhere could be safe, comfortable, and free.
advisory7248: @everything18 Everyone deals with their mental health differently, so be open to looking for a support system that works best for you to improve your mental health...
asia34891704: In titles of '90s films, this word precedes As Sin, As Charged & By Suspicion #quickquiz
casual309951: @similar45602 Once you start to question your habit of drinking, it becomes impossible to continue with your automatic and habitual patterns of consuming alcohol. ...
partners2838: @remaining766 I got back into the driver's seat of my own car, and as I drove away, I made a commitment to myself that I was going to learn everything I could abou... #style
bondage12514: @restriction1 Either way, participating in a community event can help fight feelings of isolation and open doors to new possibilities. #discussion
reaction9177: @breasts63864 Check out online resources. #mentalhealth
bristol24370: @pie227573857 It is a form of egotism. #reddit
lovestump738: @recipients18 Today, let's call your spirit back from these superficial relationships.
wherrol42243: @prospect7454 In real time, shake your noisemaker.
repeated3061: @kw5487702224 You are not the walker but the watcher. #meditation
years2588300: @breckenstein The quarter system is a beast.
fleet5134436: Of course not all members of Congress participated in our dialogues, but the ones who did are very forward thinking and built lasting relationships a...
reliance3107: @platforms349 The tune was an upbeat pop-punk love song, and the video had various scenes of Andrea and me going about our daily business in the house we were livi... #youareamazing
amd646913651: @url637299611 A new version of her innermost self was emerging. #lightworker
manor4090568: Ahoy soc.ial mates! What's new?
florists1500: Hey y’all! Anyone else here from Essex? #essex
partly775763: @accessories6 Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything .
respondent70: @ski845060214 Having a specific fear or phobia can be a constant source of stress, especially if a person chooses to avoid it, and how often they are faced with it... #healthyhappylife
vagina489280: Hi there. How's tricks?
updated22295: @awkward70068 It has only short-term benefits in mind, such as, How can I escape this pain right now! This is the problem parts have of being blinded by the tyrann...
brian4239673: @tea733978294 When those you love die, the best you can do is honor their spirit for as long as you live .
reviewing390: @answered9783 Even when that alarm inside goes off, and we feel the urge to walk or run away, the scared, insecure child inside of each of us who doesn't trust tha...
viewpicture8: 2 of the 3 beverages Pasteur's pasteurization process first preserved #quickquiz
flood3267760: @valves579263 The cold air particularly is important, because it produces a stimulating vital reaction than which nothing is more precious for health. #holisticwellness
another21006: @religious184 At your core, you are wisdom.
islands29518: You are likely to encounter other parents there - and possibly find opportunities for new friendships.
intermediate: @calculated31 A quick, sharp resistance to something that is said will often cause indigestion.
causing67652: @favors873637 We learn who we are based on what our caregivers tell us, such as I'm good in math, I have pretty hair, I'm not a good singer, and so on. #love
lucky7192687: @ridgley14243 Focus on your breathing for about two minutes so you can become relaxed. #nature
islam4617984: @waterloo1913 The experimenters told the first group that significant noise would be made in the room on the other side of the wall that might be noxious to the wor... #wisdom
hound6181058: A problem for this African country is that much of its mail is mistakenly sent to Switzerland #quickquiz
sydney738483: @achieved5120 Life can't be trusted. #music
checklist861: @isp870350695 Together as brothers we stared at the heart/dollar seesaw for several hours, discussing what we wanted out of life. #selfhelp
investment83: @thirty299080 I sent it all back to them, and the next day the cold, hard truth hit my inbox. #wellnessjourney
gamespot7446: A modern judge may ask a person in this position to Read that testimony back #quickquiz
magnitude952: @critical7846 Yes, but not as well as I should be. #mentalhealth
fairy2551329: Patinkin's peppermints #quickquiz
petite524102: @cite51572468 One of self-compassion's most revered researchers, Kristin Neff, suggests that touch is the key here.
grove7340043: @eventually25 I have seen people not lose weight effectively far too many times because they underconsumed healthy fats. #energyhealing
duaringa1298: G’day mate! Doing OK?
label6494005: @unfortunatel Let's try one so you get an idea of what's involved.
session80341: And that spending does not lead necessarily to improved health and quality of life.
vodka7884982: Hey dude! Good to see you!
mighty719720: Howdy! How are you doing?
fleece739409: @reasonable93 It was only then that the string would begin to untangle. #raiseyourvibrations
operation765: @montrose5220 You can't go the gym one time and start immediately putting on muscle and losing weight. #higherconsciousness
criteria9837: Hey girl! How are you all holding up?
come51694734: Hey bro! Well, look at you.
neil77806995: Canada's fifth province (8) #quickquiz
schemes98607: This is because these types of dog have been bred not just to retrieve, which comes in handy as we shall see, but also because they are naturally eag...
virus3870735: Another black mark for mouth-breathing.
class3869077: @arch10153836 The cord was going to go around my neck to hang myself over my bedroom door.
advertising9: @vote78149329 When you say you are going to do something, whether you say it to yourself or to others – do it! #holistichealth
investor5155: @planet128815 No matter how honest we think we are being with ourselves, we all have blind spots. #happy
planned33354: @prohibited61 If you narrow your eyes in disgust or anger, this may signal to your brain that you aren’t open to learning right now—instead, you’re primed to... #mindfulness
fit794354194: @hometown5105 On the other hand, the dispassionate, intellectual interest that doctors find useful in managing tissue cultures and in bearing the mortality of thei... #healthylifestyle
reservoir365: The altruist casts his cake upon the waters and it returns tenfold.
less96472933: @consult60310 There is now ample research showing that a combination of antidepressant medication and psychotherapy is very effective in the treatment of depression... #thatslife
modified8871: @sr9247447971 Jack's mother had a heart attack in her fifties, requiring several procedures over the next twenty years.
gifts1013545: @whal40419462 They all have their own uniqueness and differences, yet their desires and concerns are very similar.
replies67204: Hey there. How's tricks in West Midlands today? #westmidlands
commonwealth: @directories6 I realized that it wasn't just about passing her the Kleenex. #healthylifestyle
funds2326261: Hey buddy! What's up?
expired26406: @sent78012033 How can these labels be you if they come and go? #love
stuffed99738: @florida10362 Yоu nееd to асtіvаtе thе amount оf medication аnd vіѕuаlіzаtіоn tо achieve thіѕ.
hall68860235: @ate931736154 When I think about it some more, I find that I'm not absolutely certain that kindness looks a particular way.
into28822028: @receipt11064 Start doing research for presentation one to three months in advance. #spiritualjourney
notification: @florrie68639 Radiotherapy is a form of treatment where therapists map out the tumor site and direct a beam of radiation at it to kill the cancer cells.
citizenship9: But even at the periphery of the overall circle, connection helps dissolve loneliness.
dump16265013: They were always the same.
necessary282: Now then. Good to see you all.
favor9479594: @undo27452435 When you wake up in the morning, it reappears. #wellnessjourney
stood5294339: @level5589386 You wіll bе аblе tо gеt іntо the hеаrtѕ of реорlе, рrоvіdеd thаt уоu knоw hоw tо uѕе mіnd соntrоl.
electoral369: Whazzup? How are things in Lancashire? #lancashire
yemen7128516: @seeds7833504 Rереntаnсе іѕ dеfіnеd аѕ a fееlіng оf dеер rеgrеt аnd guіlt fоr hаrmіng ѕоmеоnе.
azerbaijan79: @shell9332329 Out of this confusion arises the Pope, and a thousand and one things arise. #nature
nedlands6901: God & Jesus are called by these 2 Greek letters in Revelation #quickquiz
exempt216613: @should586770 The реrѕuаѕіоn tесhnіԛuе trаіnіng is not аn easy training to complete.
thailand1823: We didn't tire of this director's Westerns even by 1964's Cheyenne Autumn #quickquiz
blogger50943: @system478618 Its like a dustbin of kids that have been rejected, and nobody wants them any more. #wellbeing
barriers6069: Yet especially in the early days of discovery, uncertainty abounded.
muckleford85: @accordingly7 I have less patience, am more irritable, and my negative stories play more prominently in my head.
mrs835256355: @hungary97595 The list is enough to keep a troubled sleeper like me up at night. #university
chaos1453794: Hiya. What's happening in Llanfairfechan on this fine day? #llanfairfechan
creating3990: Say hello to Peter as the schoolmaster in this movie based on a James Hilton novel #quickquiz
fowler714204: @libraries548 This was several years before I met her, and I still struggle to fathom how she did this.
houston56305: Yo! Are you all OK?
malpractice3: @originally30 Those 8 оut 10 саtѕ whоѕе оwnеrѕ рrеfеrrеd a раrtісulаr brаnd wеrе a саrеfullу ѕеlесtеd bunсh оf fеlіnеѕ.
ink355875943: @thompson8763 As a result I know what I am going to do and have the confidence to do it.The I can approach opens the door and the mental script technique helps you...
occasions327: @goat81879328 I say fortunately because sometimes so much fouled water passes beneath a marital bridge that a relationship can get beyond resuscitation.
expires75312: @alpha3395095 John has depression, which he has struggled with for much of his adult life.
suggest31826: @climate11097 I feel as though I have been reinventing myself my entire life. #cleanliving
none78155227: Now then. If you’re well, then that’s good, and I’m well too.
doug19649855: @gang24141408 Thankfully, they worked! #mindful
domain584163: @basket448794 The skills you need to overcome bias can be taught, learned, and mastered. #diva
retirement73: @polyester828 Seeking health is a noble venture and those close to you will lend their support and understanding. #lightworker
presents6626: This magazine founded by Andy Warhol is dubbed the Crystal Ball of Pop #quickquiz
src718756477: @blanck238900 I'm not these sensations. #energy
specific5904: Hi everyone. What’s shaking?

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