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alias1995286: This Godfather of Punk is still a Real Wild Child jamming with Green Day & Peaches on his Skull Ring album #quickquiz
finals336837: @nv1064497458 Jot down automatic thoughts when mood gets worse or when she avoids. #higherself
resolution17: @wagner581534 Thus, an effective team should only have six or seven members. #popular
garden715872: @puppy5774485 Lyrics are a tricky part of the aesthetic philosophy that is contained here.
suffolk59077: Hebrew for assembly, it's the parliament of Israel #quickquiz
bluegram3767: Whazzup? What's new?
lib250753743: @joan36245244 Collaboration invokes the collective power of we. This is the gift of shared effort.
dead90278980: @national8882 I don't have a lot of time. #healthylifestyle
excerpt68334: @concerning32 As we navigate this world, we must be nimble in terms of guided or pulled attention. #selflove
analysts2348: @wins45044373 and now streaming attention down both legs, #inspiration
hudson835893: It is a form of punishment and results in a sore wrist and increased frequency of thoughts.
lloyd2870696: @devil7796113 What dіd you dо tо motivate ѕоmеоnе to реrfоrm bеttеr? #love
fridge334211: @apparent3263 The chicken-egg question of whether one's characteristic defenses determine one's personality or whether one's personality determines one's use of de...
technologica: My physical form indicates to them who I am.
leuenberger1: Dame seen in Ashton's Ondine: MANY FORGOTTEN #quickquiz
asset8480691: @tawonga45905 So we don't want to be in denial of struggle or invalidate the idea that struggle can be unpleasant. #inspiration
proteins3538: Sup? What's going on in Seahouses? #seahouses
fri392087595: Hi everyone. If you’re well, then that’s good, and I’m well too.
delayed38041: Whatever birth, taking birth, descent, coming-to-be, coming-forth, appearance of aggregates, & acquisition of sense bases.
transportati: Hey man! Well, look at you.
bd3652915330: I have been a pessimist. I worry a lot. I decide now to be an optimist instead. From today on, I worry about bad outcomes less and less and expect su...
la8744364675: @webcast61272 One of the reasons it took me so long to accept that my marriage was over was because of the negative connotations I had attached to what it would me... #together
diva73437512: Orsino, the Duke of Illyria, gets this play's immortal first line: If music be the food of love, play on #quickquiz
esco46528342: @boynewood522 If you feel a twinge in your back, you know that you may have injured yourself or pushed yourself too far and some extra care and attention is needed... #selflove
lyrics289643: @bygalorie617 I use the analogy of a footstool with clients because it is easy for me to draw and easy for clients to understand.
utility75498: @favors873637 Inspiring, brilliant leaders who make big promises, have great ideas, embark on lofty projects, but don't finish what they start. #yoga
reflected882: What’s up buttercup? How are things in Northumberland? #northumberland
participated: Whazzup? How’s everything?
dresses34936: @yeah90477369 Once again, it comes down to the three doshas.
workout53244: Do you feel guilty after you eat?
existed46447: @egg673913537 The people who were once your sole guides to the world can disappoint you and run out of answers. #spirit
bureau260540: @carey4465921 It's at this point that many people run in the opposite direction, either out of fear or because of guilt or shame due to the incorrect practice of m... #wisdom
dating290299: @drain1708372 It took a pandemic to force this practice into wider use. #wellbeing
list65010249: @reductions55 By developing our own voice, we give voice to others.
continually9: @cast54399300 I had sports and was playing football and running track.
honors349934: The effect on persons, by environmental interactions, might accentuate or modulate the general mental health functioning of individual members and/or...
point2751961: Ahoy! How are you doing?
colony725326: @sounds990285 I'll get into what to say to your child later.
product62506: @specificatio Go to a place of safety. #healthyhappylife
nipples33799: Hey man! What's happening in Lincolnshire on this fine day? #lincolnshire
ghost3944982: @stocks879144 But Francine made it clear to Louis that if things didn't change this time, she would leave him. #spiritualjourney
issn87326979: You don't have to make all the mistakes yourself to learn from them.
insertion521: @nasty7152237 I can understand how upsetting that must be for you. #girl
accounting98: Hey there. Good to see you!
footwear5658: @afghanistan8 In gymnasium she laid her muscular foundation on which to build all the good, active work of her life. #greenlifestyle
war889118614: @exciting1917 Just ask Tiger Woods.
somewhat4948: @tones5253127 True naturopathy never involves the use of drugs, surgery, or any invasive procedures. #healthy
bang69825674: @mechanism349 The more you are in your power, the more you will laugh and be able to connect to your childlike state of being.
watching7832: @landa1615160 It has been scientifically proven that the physical act of smiling alone causes the release of these hormones.
massachusett: Hey bro! What's happening in Lincolnshire on this fine day? #lincolnshire
grip41738631: Now then. Good to see you!
rolled717313: @parade344596 I love driving by at night to see the glow of the light, which in turn makes my heart glow.
russian21321: Hello. How are things in Strathpeffer? #strathpeffer
amy173503798: @fleet5134436 Bertie is a boisterous, happy-go-lucky soul, but he is never happier than when he is just dropping his shoulder, ready to smear his head and torso in... #university
man624479882: @apple1392055 The third layer, the layer of emotion, is the hardest one to crack because we will do almost anything to avoid feeling our negative feelings. #mindfulness
butte4552141: @pmc204157095 It was always there, close to the top of the stack, packed with Stephen's tumor scans and white blood cell count readings, notes from the attending d... #fitness
peeing209560: Highest price for painting by a female was $1.1 mil. for “Reading Le Figaro” by this U.S. artist #quickquiz
guitar486189: @tables597500 Despite the potential of apps, a download is not the same as an uptake. #wisdom
paraguay8975: @effective244 Do you feel a calmer? #mindbodyspirit
infectious35: Roots, grasses, berries, birds' eggs, & even small mammals #quickquiz
upper4799590: @fremantle205 There are many aspects of thinking at which they might well be better than the self-styled intellectuals. #holisticwellness
sys608062149: @nigeria90232 Quite often I get sent lengthy theses with a demand that I appreciate the genius involved. #mind
belief315756: It's easy for parents to give up and let him run wild, or turn up the heat and the punishment and thereby alienate him and lose all control.
communicatio: @optimization And, in the end, the transformation of that sizeable carbon-obese American middle to a modest paunch would do more for reducing total global emission...
lynn62402939: @relief235892 People will just waste what I give them.
vat230894860: Colt 45 & Olde English 800 are brands of this liquor that's stronger than most beers #quickquiz
peripherals8: Hey buddy! Good to see you!
divorce67754: @affiliated36 Looking backwards from the punchline it is now easy to see the alternative track that was there all the time but not noticed. #facebook
nv1064497458: @arrive795269 In this area a great deal of tolerance will have to be shown.
xp4752661737: Hiya. It’s been a while.
refurbished9: @fair39184662 When you believe in abundance, you know there are no shortages. #spiritualjourney
careers99105: @carter978412 The more the merrier, because not only are we more powerful together, it's also more fun and meaningful to give a f❤ck together. #cleanliving
queen8355315: @protect60337 All these experiences have been both awe-inspiring and humbling. #wild
bundall14312: Listen to Mark Antony, who might borrow one from a friend, Roman, or countryman #quickquiz
standing7650: @indicator497 The habits that they have instilled are one where they've learned to say no to things that would overwhelm them, and say yes to the right things that... #health
sacred548312: @techno876129 Before my glasses arrived, when I could, I tried reading on Charlie's Kindle, which doesn't emit the same type of light. #discussion
channels9038: @fares8540956 Reflecting on life as both a woman and a mum, even via a few short phrases each day, is a super-simple way to love yourself a little bit more.
rs3921482678: Hi everyone. Good to see you!
rachel380529: @expense16211 Receiving spirit's answers to these questions can be eye-opening and just plain challenging. #together
bug112015202: @properly3195 On the count of three, Robin and I both broke into the silence with a loud hmm (this is the type of hmm that we naturally emit when we’re curious a... #loveyourself
pressure5710: He's restless when not in performance mode.
urw290515869: @stores231335 You immediately think, Wrong number?
warning73092: @pleasant2872 When I see or hear of people struggling to find support from family and friends, my first instinct is to get mad for them and tell them to get that p... #reddit
emphasis5451: @scale1751524 Chelsea got where I was coming from.
influenster6: Next, I'd like to talk about the course of getting better, if that's okay.
colonial6617: @silicon85699 What homework did I do? #helpme
carina713782: @several41501 You will be whole again but you will never be the same. #happy
automaticall: @courage95837 The more difficult or unnatural the behaviour the stronger the belief base has to be.
view60958949: @follow661494 Slippery elm is rich in nutrients and easy to digest, making it an excellent food during times of digestive discomfort, which can sometimes accompany... #loveyourself
corps8786685: @meetings3236 In contrast, internal boundaries are between you and you!
taylor204128: Ahoy soc.ial mates! How’s life in Renfrew? #renfrew
appropriate5: If Britt Ekland wanted his body & ex-wife Alana Hamilton thought he was sexy, come on Rachel Hunter let me know #quickquiz
advise718144: How do you do? How's tricks in Renfrew today? #renfrew
mechanic9324: @somewhere745 What makes one person a champion and another one an average Joe is their ability to tolerate pain. #mindfulliving
log969279808: @johnny491966 The process of brain-building is rapid.
smoking97521: @notebook4883 We are together to be happy, we are together to grow into more blissfulness.
additional50: He always wins the game of never getting her point and never feeling her pain.
poultry68551: @nicols400899 Confidence The cope/demand ratio in this special area of activity can be carried over to other areas.
kodak1261558: If you hang a Ralph or hang a Louie, you're not dispensing justice but doing this #quickquiz
typical52672: @consider9838 I took other steps throughout our session to make sure that Sally and I shared an understanding. #coordination

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