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maybe4144862: Perhaps, you have been a victim of a nostalgic moment that caused you to laugh out loud, for instance, inside of a quiet study room, like a library, ...
titans411007: @merchandise2 So much suffering is fueled by self-doubt. #cleanliving
sic951484748: @anne70662577 As you experience something, whether it's an event, circumstance, spoken word, or something else, for the first few seconds, your brain and nonconsci...
fails1102218: @particle7872 For the sake of our family and our own peace of mind, we want to ease into the flow of life again. #higherconsciousness
vaughn607075: @reveals69954 Point-to-point Here the mind follows along an apparently logical connection, but this is usually based on a very limited view of the situation. #bhfyp
flights94687: Follow his father into the past.
ve9575263589: G’day mate! How have you all been?
halfcom74628: @adam47084355 There will be no end to it. #inspiration
mountain8320: The documentary film subtitled Bananas Is My Business profiles this movie star of the '30s & '40s #quickquiz
er6270002000: Avoid arguing, debating, or being overly positive in the face of the other's pain.
soonest56945: @dp4484458636 Clinical mental health counselors focus mostly on the client's internal attributes, traits, and characteristics to explain the cause of their mental ... #style
answers26745: @odd224884027 That’s where your GWYW powers come in to tap your creativity so you can come up with different ideas and choose the best ones to put into practice;...
sociallink38: @fired9877370 Learning not to procrastinate is a habit in itself.
documentcrea: His 1782 opera The Abduction From The Seraglio, k. 384, is set in 16th century Turkey #quickquiz
typical52672: Careful review of your session tapes can be invaluable in identifying and then solving these problems.
hk2335885818: @prohibited61 Remembering is the whole damn point of what we're going through.
degrees38369: @pottery84780 A daily rhythm that includes a bunch of different people's needs, all smooshed into a mashed-up life?
nfl111737261: @poet34423034 This is especially important at the beginning, when you're trying to form a new habit for success such as eating healthier or working out every day. ... #lifestyle
measuring996: Even just rate your mood out of ten on each side of the activity, see how you feel mentally and physically, and remember it!
paintings376: @upskirts6889 It's important to remember that when stuff-ups happen, we are in good company.
honest216795: Wazzup? What's going on in Milton Keynes? #miltonkeynes
pulaski42850: @crime5385430 What else is different?
williamson39: Ahoy! How’s things in Middlesex? #middlesex
cradle348804: @wiki23609659 Why expect to get something you are not willing to give?
operating541: @recently6067 This is similar to when you're first trying to become fitter or lose weight, and you don't immediately see or feel different but you're empowered to ... #instagram
angeron90519: @nancy5009017 he should so train himself that he does not pride himself on that thought of enlightenment. #howto
const7212965: Traditionally a 7 & 7 calls for 7-up & this brand of whiskey #quickquiz
devon8974859: @change363130 Tеll them thаt уоu аrе fееlіng рrеѕѕurеd аnd that уоu dоn't wаnt tо do ѕоmеthіng. #wellness
fires5400317: @picotte94407 What if I do nothing? #meditation
hidden347236: The bobcat is also known as the bay this animal #quickquiz
days57524609: @python666267 I appeased her in whatever ways that I knew would make her feel good. #inspiration
easter507365: Hey girl! Well, look at you.
unemployment: @undergraduat Self-acceptance allows you to love your unique self and appreciate your abilities without any need to adapt to others' demands. #valour
centre294449: @conclusion19 Once they become adults, your best influence is their feeling of trust and affection for you.
kings1453957: @yallah574244 But you didn't feel this way when you saw a chocolate cake before.
icon16495987: @rosegarland1 This major fault was the implicit axiom that ‘being found out' was the key failing. #cleanliving
participant2: @harmony70854 The watchtower part of the brain, the medial prefrontal cortex, goes into hyper-drive and scans everything and everyone believing, There must be a th...
appears87560: @hawaii331104 Where mindful eating preaches open-mindedness, intuitive eating is more about rejecting the diet mentality and culture. #mindful
spin15565392: @throughout16 Skullcap also aids sleep, improves circulation, strengthens the heart, and relieves muscle cramps, pain, spasms, and stress. #balance
baptist55826: @spirits96284 Preserve your relationships.
assuming6206: @dealing15120 Ever has it been that fame, glory, happiness came as rewards, not to those who strive to capture, but to those who strive to free others from their t... #love
trembl377173: @fruits993876 Sarah had accepted a fellowship position in New York City because it was an incredible opportunity to complete her training under a world-class surgeo...
black5694050: For serious penance, this nine-strand knotted flogging whip might be required #quickquiz
king85832600: People should just be far less accepting of that content.
half83792255: @croon4184453 Simply put, the foods and dietary patterns that add the weight in the first place are the same foods and dietary patterns that contribute to the clog... #greenlifestyle
butt18776601: @performances It is more than possible to use design thinking to get your first job, transform your current job, design your next job, and create a career that int... #affirmations
chancellor30: @behavioral64 In our experience, one of the scariest snakes in the room is the fear of failure, which manifests itself in such ways as fear of being judged, fear o... #connection
piss57430003: @norman223198 No one likes change or dealing with things they want to avoid.
stilt8881884: @lemon3802680 This is true surrender. #raiseyourvibrations
ads782169627: This Swiss mister is the first man to win both Wimbledon & the U.S. Open 3 straight times #quickquiz
clara3512434: Hello. I'm from Bathgate. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #bathgate
bio647431485: @issues865585 It could be good to wear a badge that reminds you of this.
shut80329233: @daughter5110 The first way is as an attitude to life. #body
precision807: Asked in 1966 to write a concise statement for arresting officers to recite, California D.A. Harold Berliner started with these 7 words #quickquiz
san667923681: Yo! Anyone from Bathgate on #bathgate
crimes721677: U.S. president John Adams #quickquiz
purpose44997: Hey there. Alright mates?
row806200945: Otherwise, they'll just want to touch the stove again. She has taught her colleagues about the sacredness of water to many tribes, to warn against an...
planned33354: @ebay10398350 Gently open your gaze when you are ready and bask in how relaxed you feel.
sonier205215: While I look them over, can you tell me in a sentence or two how you felt for most of the week?
posters90632: 2-word term for something crunchy added to chowder, or someone trying to get at a pearl #quickquiz
sacred548312: @colours65505 It is better to recognize and sit out the poor periods by shrinking the life-space as much as possible and postponing decisions to an up period.
vanauken9350: @tongue332369 Staffordshire University interviewed twenty runners suffering from mental illness in 2018 and found that parkrun was beneficial to the mental health o...
chevrolet992: G’day mate! How are things in Bathgate? #bathgate
excellence96: Hey there. How are you all?
incest949359: @cells5249323 We're inviting you to integrate all your decision-making faculties, and to be sure you make space so your emotional and intuitive ways of knowing can... #thatslife
wiley8198898: Silicon is a semiconducting material; this is the term for nonconductors like plastics #quickquiz
municipal628: @dominik46183 As a coach and teacher, I have mentored plenty of people older than me, and I have been mentored by people younger than me.
adobe7406677: Sup? How’s everything in lovely Bathgate today? #bathgate
income647495: @si4581505425 Yet all the people above and many more that we've come to know as some of the most successful people in the history of the world, were, in fact, also... #innerpeace
eu1851983470: @leon58119385 Turn and walk back through your door and find yourself back where you started. #holistichealing
sleeve101324: @subsection60 It’s an internal response to an external experience (or lack thereof). #yoga
visa63210092: @cute54459802 To reduce your own stress and really have true work-life balance, you should spend more of your time and energy focusing on your own needs and the ne...
portugal7866: @revolutionar Sally and I quickly review this assignment.
jp3223409552: @adams9661817 It was hard to escape politics and it was hard to escape that we had different politics, Pam said. #meditation
significantl: @js2030671876 The kind of mental and physical delirium I often experienced at the hand of my Hashimoto's made me feel even more attached to caffeine as a method of ... #healthylifestyle
hunting96264: @results64616 You are spent, rattled, and still wondering if something is very wrong with your heart or mind. #yoga
acm170966109: @muhlbauer205 By safely and anonymously being coached over the phone, Laura gradually revealed the lie she was living and the feelings she was trying to avoid. #energyhealing
restoration8: @acrylic57299 The answer was always obvious.
bears6753779: @on8548383368 And I said, ‘I promise, if you take the test and tell your daughter, she'll be very impressed with you.' We joked the whole rest of the meeting. #covid
fees57054412: Hey bro! How’s things in Aberdeenshire? #aberdeenshire
marriott1358: @ownership132 You may even feel as if you are watching your experiences. #bepractical
accessed8011: Sup? What's up?
lately829188: Now then. What’s shaking?
timothy42647: Hey bro! What's the craic?
donors207846: @influences48 Erica and Nicholas take another bite of their lunch and awkwardly look around to find a new conversation. #selfhelp
seas53956885: @ambassador24 Then see if the conversation flows from there. #wild
soma65051972: Probably the first fish raised in captivity, the rainbow species of this fish is most commonly found on farms #quickquiz
oak414344954: Wet, sticky substance campaigners sling #quickquiz
opening48390: @consultant43 On the one hand, the short-term financial gain would be great.
schiavi70881: @raw209172800 Who doesn't love the smell of freshly blooming jasmine or a crushed eucalyptus leaf, a handful of rosemary or a forest after the rain?
plate4938963: This gives уоur mind thе сhаnсе tо believe thаt уоu rеаllу саn and eventually your mіnd wіll tell уоur body that еvеrуthіng is...
mount5526846: @inflation747 His parents are furious with him because it is against their beliefs. #reddit
kelkoo849211: @contaminatio It is said that, Prayer is asking. #energyhealing
ala342884659: @mil582619913 She had been accepted to medical school not for her ability to memorize vast reams of data but for her compassion and interest in human behavior and c... #twitter
fur761605803: Deep down, I know I'm not obese, you may be saying to yourself.
substantiall: @killean77981 I found a therapist who taught me how to visualize my inner little girl and regard her feelings, and I would spend an hour or so after the sessions w... #greenlifestyle
bacteria6802: @identical509 No one wants to diet, right?
freely521290: @difference74 - At whаt роіnt dо уоu ѕtор trуіng tо сhаngе thеіr behavior аnd lеt thеm knоw уоur bоttоm lіnе? #helpme
builds726644: @weekly102006 There must be a reason I keep thinking about death. #music

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