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months736004: Hiya. What’s shaking in Paignton? Anyone from there? #paignton
washing76337: @mechanics796 What if the first time I did it I was with them and found I didn't have the nerve to jump off the platform or started to whimper or cry?
communist855: @reverse59279 The routine is the only part of the habit loop you need to change! #diva
complicated6: @patricia4909 John (not his real name), a man in his mid-sixties, was referred to me by his primary care physician for help with alcoholism. #cleanliving
exception768: @leon58119385 If you remain stuck in a toxic and dysfunctional relationship, you'll never get to experience the joy of being truly connected to another human being... #psyche
contain44659: Hey! What's going on in Paignton? #paignton
bortignon245: @specs2224598 The tradition that drew Damien to Magick and is the root of his teaching is called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. #justbreathe
traditions87: Whazzup? Anyone from Ross-shire on #ross-shire
representati: @tells6536048 It doesn't have to be a scandalous affair, it could be a new friend joining your group, or that time you got a younger sibling and felt like you didn... #beautiful
jim317882998: @nyora8857950 There must be something wrong with me!' There's nothing wrong with you if that happens. #moan
cop988870913: @jar912445490 I was going to have to keep going on my own and do everything I could with what I had.
ids522220449: Hi. How you doing?
racks2286132: @bodle5656013 If you lean too much to one side, they feel off balance. #meetup
specificatio: @mary29383777 Mаnірulаtіоn еxіѕtѕ within thе ѕіmрlе frаmеwоrk of hеrоѕ and vіllаіnѕ. #body
anderson2774: For example, physical therapists need clients to achieve optimal mobility, occupational therapists require clients to return to optimum levels of ind...
relevance543: Ben Franklin invented this device & would have been shocked if it hadn't worked #quickquiz
worker177958: @holds6704501 Because I've been there before, the man responded.
registered67: @port11861015 As you renegotiate your old relationships and clear away the superficial ones, you create a vacuum for new people to enter your life.
omaha4283182: @rule82744748 He may never have become who he came here to be without this formative beginning.
beverly48814: @amendment524 Wе just lіkе tо open оur eyes оn the орроrtunіtіеѕ thаt juѕt аwаіtіng tо bе unlосkеd. #connect
america29112: Aloha. What's up?
otherwise908: What works for me is to think about the other person as an innocent child.
announced259: @shuttle93290 Doing this will become more and more comfortable with practice. #howto
increased273: Aloha. What’s shaking?
registration: @left46461860 Plus, she started to notice that by not reaching out to men to nudge them to ask her out quickly after a first date, she was sometimes pleasantly sur... #girl
carabajal445: @apps53695664 She was finally beginning to see her new path – and a clear hallway.
conference42: @fell67531824 That is the suffering we bring to physically distressing experience.
earned177890: Now then. How’s life in Stroud? #stroud
compression3: @advisory7248 A holistic approach is direly needed to make strides in prevention. #connect
specifically: New Haven #quickquiz
career437745: @tide52914198 When we first talked, he was eight-six, a retired tool-and-die maker in Cadillac, Michigan.
unified68325: Ahoy soc.ial mates! How’s everyone doing?
debt70221551: @screensaver4 You can also let the people closest to you know what your typical disconnector pattern is so they are better prepared to deal with you during conflict... #nature
simson163725: Hey dude! I'm from Stroud. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #stroud
malpractice3: Hiya! Anyone else here from Lancashire? #lancashire
cia393751334: @changes98889 Which one resonates most deeply? #connection
campsie28664: People who drink too much often do things they regret and make poor, dangerous, sometimes even deadly decisions.
emacs7767599: @buildings472 I can always get drunk if I can't manage.
franklin9747: Wazzup? How’s everyone doing? Anyone else here from Fife? #fife
searches1493: @hive68043076 It just won't let me relax. #twitter
tar723458893: @rising429452 Most of my acquaintances, like the friend I had run into, believed my life to be picture perfect at that point in time. #holisticliving
advise875764: @camcorder593 As the marine scientist and policy advocate Ayana Elizabeth Johnson quite rightly points out, People of color disproportionately bear climate impacts... #psyche
sacrifice678: @career437745 Taken individually, then, none of the three samples can be viewed as representative of the general population, but the three samples do have the virt...
etzler209795: Term for the circle that encloses a comic strip character's dialogue #quickquiz
techno876129: Yo! How are things in Aberdeenshire? #aberdeenshire
angle8861891: @lists1239946 Agreeing to bring life into the world, then, is a very deep soul commitment, and one that is agreed upon not only by the souls of the parent/s but al...
amounts19662: @accuracy6555 In The Mindful Geek, he focused on meditation as technology.
innovations5: @language2739 This first leg of my journey was also a good reality check about the true meaning of detox.
happen993675: @make12684554 One advantage of an online community is that you don't have to leave your house, or even your bed.
eight4941622: Hiya! If you’re well, then that’s good, and I’m well too.
hidden347236: @mirror815430 Start with effort, and just remember that you have to move beyond effort.
beijing69837: @wa8907411491 Take a break. #holisticliving
finally97371: @usr926308565 And you came up with a couple of good strategies to help your studying, some of which you'll try between now and our next session.
lot593446076: During papermaking a dandy roll presses these into the paper & you can see them by holding the paper up to a light #quickquiz
enrolled6295: @ciao67703300 On the day that Tory MPs called a vote of no confidence in Theresa May as Tory leader, for instance, I was on the banks of the Serpentine at dawn, wa... #selflove
sponsorship5: @identifies98 • They started with a do something mindset and were not content to merely comply with the standard requirements of their graduate programs. #healthandwellness
holocaust944: The Old Dominion #quickquiz
angeles10406: @lan443786154 I left you.'  #mindfulliving
sewing577567: @arch10153836 When the news of the use of ether to produce narcosis for surgical purposes at the Massachusetts General Hospital first came to England, it did not a...
tribute37586: @venue7469516 On the other hand, if I don't regularly floss, I may one day suffer from gum disease and tooth decay. #healthandwellness
workflow5755: The ability to look beyond the first solution for one that is simpler and more direct.
condos650261: @brick1786923 The farming community also has an unusually high rate of suicide, partly because of the financial pressures that modern farmers face. #instagram
honolulu5750: @shoulders611 Get yourself out of autopilot behavior and into a place of self-awareness.
alloy9545254: What’s up buttercup? Nice to see you all.
sorry8055067: @clip14839962 A neighbour who had promised to help him with some gardening found John's body sprawled on his back lawn.
repairs55221: An insatiable eater of aged sheep meat #quickquiz
amendments25: @toy586598986 Then, later that afternoon, I ask for her help.
leon58119385: @performer931 Christina and I resorted to many cognitive-based activities, designed to change her emotions by changing her thinking. #inspirationdaily
tower6410836: @dow628732978 I have no time for that! #bepractical
younger97964: Hey bro! Well, look at you.
jeremy270006: @applications Maybe it's time to stop being passive about the way love shows up in our lives.
cloudy136198: Now then. It’s been a while!
administrati: If little Cindy gets into the medicine cabinet, you can reach the closest of these centers at 800-222-1222 #quickquiz
helena205490: There are always going to be some people who do not like you, in their opinion should not be your concern.
jennifer3674: If it's something completely new to you, it can feel a bit intimidating.
abortion1788: @withdrawal42 You know that your behavior can serve as a model for the narcissist, and you hope for reciprocity.
jenny1149189: @suspect64745 So many of us have old emotional connections to plants that weve forgotten.
apr613668036: In 1909 one of his nude statues of Victor Hugo was installed at the Gallery of the Palais-Royal #quickquiz
tour19042586: After losing a 2007 supporting actor Oscar to Alan Arkin, this Dreamgirls guy stormed out; he must've felt raw #quickquiz
digit3047691: Wazzup? How’s life in Renfrewshire? #renfrewshire
joy342903265: Bill Murray hangs out with Scarlett Johansson in Tokyo in this 2003 treat #quickquiz
basket284789: @hunt52586307 They are forces to be reckoned with. #raiseyourvibrations
anytime19068: Hello. Nice to see you all.
daniel462072: @bruce4914692 We could do much better than we have so far managed.
folks9791528: @retro8783447 And the more openly I talked about my own conundrum, the more people admitted that they had been relying on their significant others to pull out.
gardens89408: Hiya! Anyone else here from Cumbria? #cumbria
por486394095: @bingo3239484 These nerve impulses travel via the phrenic nerve to the diaphragm and via the intercostal nerves to the external intercostal muscles, causing contra...
default87536: Hey y’all! How's tricks in Cumbria today? #cumbria
perspective7: @deputy302527 Discouragement, which is after all by etymology only disheartenment, represents a serious effect upon the heart through depression.
ladies576959: @plaintiff285 It is based on what the other will do for you, what the other will give you, or how the other can make you feel.
tmp951636738: Though he's lived for many years in the U.S., architect Frank Gehry was born in this Ontario city of 4.5 million #quickquiz
spencer16240: G’day mate! How's tricks?
chaos1453794: These octagonal warnings weren't always red; some were yellow until 1954 #quickquiz
width8606056: What’s up buttercup? How’s everyone doing? Anyone else here from Cumbria? #cumbria
classificati: @chief5290659 Try substituting cherish or treasure when praising your belongings because inherent in love is reciprocity.
meteorite386: Hey there. Anyone else here from Warwick? #warwick
tried2138337: This country has 104 nuclear reactors, more than any other country #quickquiz
eds423777953: @caroline9536 Going around and around and never making any progress leads to loads of anxiety.
holidays4544: Yo! What's going on in Warwick? #warwick
farm53963856: @earthquake54 At age 40 she described puberty as a time when The id, now grown strong, may overcome the ego, in which case no trace will be left of the previous ch... #mindful

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