Funky CSS3 Layout without divs

This is a simple one column template. It has some fancy CSS3 features for browsers that support that and it dosen’t have a single div, just super clean semantic html. Only one image is used (0.1 kb) and the colors are in vintage style. [download id="50"]

Top ten wordpress plugins to make your site rock

WordPress is a great platform for publishing your precious content but sometimes we need something more to to give our site that little extra touch. Fortunately we can extend our default WordPress site with plugins. There are thousands of plugins out there, some useful and some less useful. I have created a list over ten…


Cool Audio css template

This is a nice template with a cool slider for showing and hiding a flash player (can be used with wimpy player). You can of course change the player with something else as well. Great for small music blogs. Be sure to check out the demo (and click on “Show Player”). view LIVE DEMO [download…


Glass icons

Here is a set of some nice glossy png icons for your projects. Feel free to use these in whatever way you like. [download id="48"]


Easy Slide

Easy Slide is a simple but cool css template based on the famous Coda Slider. view LIVE DEMO [download id="47"]


Css Basics

Learn how to create your own website with these simple css templates. These templates are very simple to understand and a great starting point for css beginners. [download id="46"]


Css Team

Css Team is a professional css template. Perfect for small business sites or portfolios. View LIVE DEMO [download id="45"]


Clean White css template

This is a simple but beautiful css template with lots of whitespace and a professional look. Perfect as a frontpage for small businesses or photographers. Valid xhtml and css Easy to edit Light weight graphics LIVE DEMO [download id="42"]


Red Wine

This is a simple two column template which should suit simple blogs or business sites. Valid Xhtml and Css Easy to edit [download id="37"]


Winter Paradise

This is a seasonal temlate which should be great for skiing or travel sites. Valid Xhtml and Css Easy to edit [download id="36"]


Cute Devil

This is a very simple css template for small portfolios or blogs. Valid Xhtml and Css PSD included Easy to edit [download id="35"]


Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics is a simple and clean template for small businesses or magazines. Valid Xhtml Valid CSS PSD included Easy to edit Live Demo [download id="34"]


Purple Beauty

Purple Beauty is a three column template with a pink and black color scheme. Valid Xhtml Valid CSS PSD included Easy to edit Live Demo [download id="33"]


Under The Bridge

Under The Bridge is a nice blog template. Valid Xthml Valid CSS PSD included Easy to edit Live Demo [download id="30"]


The Tree

This is a lovely template with some very nice details and beautiful typography. Valid Xhtml Valid CSS PSD included Easy to edit Live Demo [download id="27"]


Leaf Template

The Leaf is a simple but beautiful template. Great for blogs and personal sites. Valid Xhtml Valid CSS PSD included Easy to edit Live Demo [download id="26"]